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Testing three-vote close and reopen on 13 network sites

Test is live! The 13 sites below have their votes to close set at 3. I've also reduced the votes needed for migrations to 2 (down from 3). Almost two years ago I ran a test for single vote closure/...
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Huge close votes review queue on Stack Overflow [closed]

Today, the size of the close-votes queue is 55k questions and growing. Is that a problem? Which action could be taken to clean it up? It seems to be growing faster than Stack Overflow members ...
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Proposal to make close votes scale with rep

There have been several proposals for how we’re ever going to get a handle on the ever-mounting close-vote queue. Dupehammer has been especially successful, and there have been several proposals ...
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Daily close votes queue limit [closed]

This question is related to this (jan23), this (mar 12) and many others; with the difference that close queue on SO today is 20k longer = 74k. I read & understand about the fear for robot-...
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Increase close votes in /review [duplicate]

This is a feature request to increase the number of close votes in /review, and somewhat similar to close votes daily limit increase. I know the concern is robo reviewers in search of a badge, but it ...
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How can the Close Vote review queue be improved? [duplicate]

Check the Review stats for Stack Overflow. Low quality posts is effectively empty, after previously having thousands and thousands of items. The suggested edits queue is kept low, after previously ...
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Close Vote Review Limit Recommendations

Summary As many of us are aware, the number of questions in the close vote review queue has been increasing at what appears to be a faster pace than ever. During the month of December, I observed that ...
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Ideas for the close queue? [closed]

I am concerned on the growing close votes review queue size. I know it has been discussed before.. more than once, and I simply want to propose some ideas... Why not separate the single close votes ...
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Strongly separate duplicates from "the rest" in close votes review queue

##Update: I wish I could downvote decline justification twice. "You can already filter down by close reason." Oh really , Do you see many reviewers using filter? Do you see Steward badges ...
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Why is the close vote review queue so full? [duplicate]

There can't be over 50k current close votes. Close votes expire: Close votes age away harmlessly after 4 days if the threshold is not reached. This question for instance is in the close vote ...
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Close vote review queue reorganization proposal

There is a problem with the close vote queue that it seems it won't ever go away. There are always proposals to increase the number of allowed items you can do a day, but that alone won't help, as the ...
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Reduce close vote expiration restrictions [duplicate]

The close vote queue currently holds 62k+ posts and has been rising for months now. The dropping numbers at the beginning are long history. What can we do to reduce the queue? One possibility would be ...
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Suggestion: close votes review queue [duplicate]

The size of the close-votes queue is 55k questions. 2,331 review were made today, It is decreasing but it really need some speed as it may take few years to match other review queues. I have some ...
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Why not raise the individual number of Close Votes? [duplicate]

I'm seeing for a long time that the review for Close Votes just raises every hour, is at least 1k per day. This is out of control. I have some old flags that never was reviewed and in this way never ...
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Drain Close Queue [duplicate]

Preferred duplicate: How about a "Vote not to close" option to counter the "Vote to close"? Possible Duplicate: What exactly happens with the new “Do Not Close”? EDIT: I'm ...
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Pit stop for bad questions from new users?

On one hand, stackoverflow cannot allow bad questions: Show effort Don't ask stupid questions On the other hand, it would be nice if we could be nice to the new kid on the block. Both issues have ...
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Is it time to rethink how audits are chosen?

I just failed an audit on a question that should be closed. Why? Because it has 5 upvotes and no close votes: Look at the question. It's obvious it's one that the community likes, but is that a valid ...
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