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When to redact revisions?

I know that it is possible for we as moderators to redact revisions (as announced in the February 2016 Newsletter). However, I was just searching for guidance on when such redactions should be ...
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Providing a public (or 5K-/ 10K-accessible) indicator of a "silent" revision (or the total number of "silent" revisions per mod)

Related: Allow moderators to hide a revision Current situation: after the revision-hiding silent-revision feature has been implemented, it takes two moderators to soft-hide a revision in silently ...
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Moderator ability to make a post invisible

The first question in the moderator questionaire (for reference below) is: Q1: An asker repeatedly flags their own question and says that they need to delete it or they'll be fired, because they ...
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Edit revisions - possibility to hide a revision for users with the Edit priviledge (2000+ rep)

I remember when there was an option here - a checkbox - saying "minor revision". Such revision would not be visible in revisions history (I think). Now, I don't particulary miss that feature, however ...
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