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Who are the diamond moderators, and what is their role?

Some people have a diamond after their username (e.g. Michael Myers ♦) What special privileges do diamond moderators have? How can I become a diamond moderator? Who are the diamond moderators? How ...
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What should I do if a user posts sensitive information as part of a question or answer?

I've observed several incidents where users inadvertently posted detailed, sensitive information. For example, a Server Fault user who posted a question with working login credentials to his actual ...
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Can we have a moderator only "flag for community team/developer attention" link on posts?

There are times when moderators come across things that only Stack Exchange employees can deal with. These include things like deleting sensitive information permanently from posts disassociating ...
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How can we improve the mod tools?

You may have noticed that we have a bit of a backlog for bugs and feature requests related to moderator tools. Our moderators do a lot of work to keep our sites running smoothly, and we recognize ...
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Who has the privilege to delete a revision?

I saw a PPT posted by Jeff that showed a revision page which had the delete revision function, like this: But I have never seen this functionality on SO's revision pages. I guess that's because I ...
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Is Stack Exchange staff removing GoFundMe links?

According to this announcement, Stack Exchange staff will actively remove links to a legal fund campaign from user profiles, posts, and comments Yet browsing around Meta Stack Exchange, I still ...
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Please add documentation about the redaction tool to the moderator help

Some of us were trying to figure out how to use the redaction tool correctly, as it can be a little counter-intuitive, when somebody pointed out the documentation in the moderator newsletter. That ...
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Ability for mods to hard-delete a question or revisions [duplicate]

We get some questions from time to time where the OP has posted his access codes or API keys to various online systems, like Twitter, Facebook, etc. These questions tend to linger in the flag queue ...
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When to redact revisions?

I know that it is possible for we as moderators to redact revisions (as announced in the February 2016 Newsletter). However, I was just searching for guidance on when such redactions should be ...
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Inconsistency, Craziness in a particular question

I was on this page: It looks like a haunted page, with no revisions giving the right information, when you click on any revision, looks like the revision and the contents do not match. And also the ...
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Will Stack Exchange respect EU's "right to be forgotten"?

If a citizen of EU would request all his questions and answers to be deleted from all Stack Exchange sites, would that request be carried out? I'm not just talking about account deletion, where ...
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How to permanently delete my question from Stack Overflow? [duplicate]

I want my question to be deleted permanently from Stack Overflow for some reasons. I have deleted the question, but when searching in Google, it is still showing up. I don't have a reputation over 10,...
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How to delete questions with answers and comments [duplicate]

Is it possible that I can delete questions in SO which have 3 answers and some comments? Due to privacy concern, I definitely need to delete that.
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Providing a public (or 5K-/ 10K-accessible) indicator of a "silent" revision (or the total number of "silent" revisions per mod)

Related: Allow moderators to hide a revision Current situation: after the revision-hiding silent-revision feature has been implemented, it takes two moderators to soft-hide a revision in silently ...
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Edit revisions - possibility to hide a revision for users with the Edit priviledge (2000+ rep)

I remember when there was an option here - a checkbox - saying "minor revision". Such revision would not be visible in revisions history (I think). Now, I don't particulary miss that feature, however ...
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