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How does the review-needed indicator work exactly?

With the rollout of the new top bar, you’ve probably noticed the new review indicator: or It’s possible there will be a different review icon by the time you read this. But this post is just about ...
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Recent feature changes to Stack Exchange

This is an unofficial list/changelog of new features and various changes to Stack Overflow and the Stack Exchange network. It is maintained by the community, while a Stack Exchange employee changes ...
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Closing changes: [on hold], unclear, too broad, opinion-based, off-topic reasons, bye-bye to Too Localized

After a ton of discussion, work and input from the community, we're rolling out the remainder of major closing changes that you've helped us design, as discussed in these prior posts. They're live, ...
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Close Votes review: I'm going on a strike! [closed]

I know this question is going to make me unpopular here – but I feel I have no other options. I have been concerned by the size of the close votes review queue for quite a while. When I ...
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Feedback request: New top bar and MultiCollider redesign

UPDATE 3 This is out on meta! New feedback post is here. UPDATE 2 We're going to try putting the hot network questions on the homepage - replacing recent tags and recent badges. Something like this (...
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Bring back review numbers to the top bar

Though I never quite understood what those numbers were and they were quite ugly, they were the only reason I ever visited the reviews page. Can we have similar functionality back on the top bar ...
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Daily close votes queue limit [closed]

This question is related to this (jan23), this (mar 12) and many others; with the difference that close queue on SO today is 20k longer = 74k. I read & understand about the fear for robot-...
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Review Count - Fix It or Lose It

Another meta question identified a bug that was marked as designed. To summarize the bug, the little number that appears next the Review link in the header shows an incorrect value most of the time. ...
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What does the number next to the review link in the top bar actually mean?

What is the actual source of the number displayed next to the review link in the top bar? I found Notification for reviews shows way too many (via Review flag count is still wrong and similar) but, ...
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Review counts in top-bar and /review don't match

So far, I thought that the number shown in the orange box in the top-bar was the number of items available for review. However, when I acually visit /review, the numbers don't match: Note that top-...
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Notification for reviews shows way too many

Since a recent change in notifications, I see more than I should: I see no reason to see 134 posts are awaiting review, when there is literally nothing I can do about them. I think it is a bug, ...
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Modulate the review notification's color to reflect changes, or make it dismissible

Following another feature request that was completed yesterday (Notify users of possible reviews on toolbar), users of several sites have noticed a persistent notification in the top bar for flags ...
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Please dim the color of the review task counter when there are no actionable tasks

I am glad to notice that the massively annoying refusal of the 10k flag counter to disappear when I'm not needed has been appropriately dealt with via the extreme decapitation method of simply ...
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Hiding queue counts to avoid the 'Starfish*' effect [duplicate]

Disclaimer: I haven't reviewed in ages. I just see 55k and think, What's the point? This leads me to wonder if it might not make a psychological difference (and maybe calm the robo-reviewers?) If ...
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The number of posts to review stopped making any sense since I hit 10k rep [duplicate]

Though correlation doesn't imply causation I think there's a link between me hitting 10k rep and seeing this review count in the top bar: It makes no sense at all and is always more than 200. This ...
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