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Why do some questions have an orange background? And can I get a list of the newest questions for all my favorited tags combined? [duplicate]

I've been using the Stack Overflow site for a while, but there are a number of things that confuse me: Why are some questions in an orange background on the main page? (I can't work out any logic to ...
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Why are there different colors for certain StackOverflow questions? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: under questions, why are some with a yellow background? What do “favorite tags” and “ignored tags” do? What do the different colors (top 3 beige rows)...
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Add a tag to favourite tag list [duplicate]

How to add a tag to my favourite tag list. I could search for a tag but don't know how to add that to my favourite tag list.
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Why does this question have a blue highlight? [duplicate]

Whenever I scroll through 'newest questions' some of the questions highlighted in blue, for example: Why is this?
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What does the colored orange bar for the questions mean? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: What do “favorite tags” and “ignored tags” do? Why is Stack Overflow suddenly orange (#FFEFC6)? This may be a newbie question, but so far I did not ...
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What does semi transparent questions mean? [duplicate]

Sometimes I see questions in half transparent state. What does it mean?
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How do I change "My Tags" to ones more relevant to me? [duplicate]

I have been a member on StackOverflow for years, but have never been extremely active. I'm trying to get a little more active, but when I go to the "Unaswered" section on StackOverflow, I get ...
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How to filter based on tags in Stack Overflow? [duplicate]

I am quite new to Stack Overflow and I want to help others by answering their questions. Of course, I want to search for questions that I could answer and 'tag' seems to be a good way. However, I ...
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How can I hide questions that don't interest me based on tags? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: What do “favorite tags” and “ignored tags” do? Posts on Stack Overflow that I don't like to see (based on the tags I have set as "ignored") are hidden, ...
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How to filter uninteresting questions [duplicate]

I get a lot from Stack Overflow, I want to contribute to others' questions too, but numerous .net, html questions come to the front page, while what I am good at is c and linux. How to filter those ...
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Software to notify about interesting tags [duplicate]

Is there any software out there to notify about interesting questions based on my added tags as soon as they chip in?
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Save favorites tags to get questions notifications [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: What do “favorite tags” and “ignored tags” do? I think that it would be interesting if on Stack Overflow there was an option to save some tags as favorites. When someone posts ...
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Filter dashboard [duplicate]

Can I filter dashboard ? I mean, can I see questions related to 'python' or 'ruby' only on dashboard (when I am logged in) ? Also, I am not sure if this is the right place to ask ...
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Why is my question faded on the main question list? [duplicate]

From the moment I posted my (89th) question on History SE, it has appeared like this in the main question list: When you click to view, it looks fine. It only appears like this on the main list. I ...
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What is use of background colour in question lists? [duplicate]

For filtered question lists, if seems that new questions have background colour applied until I have actually seen them in the list. On successive viewing, it is no longer present. However for ...
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