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Filter for Objective C only

Is there a way I can do a search, without typing "Objective C" each time, and make it my default area? I don't care about C, C++, Android, PHP, etc. (at this point in my life).
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Not getting recent results in intags:mine search

I have the following search in a bookmark: This is equivalent to the Stack Overflow search ...
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Stackoverflow should send question to experts [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Ask a question and notify users on specific users list How could I notify Stack Overflow's expert users about my new question? I should be posible to have a special ...
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Wrong number of featured questions displayed when filtered with favorite tag sql-server

It displays a wrong number of featured questions when it is filtered with the favorite tag sql-server.
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Site elements display weirdly in Firefox nightly build [closed]

I am using a Firefox nightly build and I am not able see all questions correctly. Some rows are displaying in yellow and some are in white. When I try to answer, the editor is not displaying correctly;...
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How do I customize my user experience on Stack Overflow?

I've put off using Stack Overflow for quite some time. When I have a question or problem, I often start my search with Google, which then takes me to Stack Overflow. I do not have a lot of time, but ...
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Is there a way to filter certain tags? [duplicate]

So when you're looking for questions, you can filter questions based on a certain tag, by simply writing that tag in the search. However, can you do the exact opposite of that, i.e, certain tags ...
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Favourite / Ignored tags conflict

Let's say I have java as a favourite tag and c# as an ignored tag. If somebody tags a question with both java and c#, it is ignored and does not appear in my list of newest questions. I would ...
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Sandboxing the FAQ for Stack Exchange sites to make it international

The content was taken from the rev. 233 of FAQ for Stack Exchange sites to test an idea shared on a comment to my answer to Help develop the site and community knowledge base in your language. The ...
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Are questions on the front page also filtered based on our recent activity?

When answering questions on Stack Overflow, even if they don't have one of your favorite tags, it seems that you are subsequently presented with more questions on similar topics. Say I'm answering a ...
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Help center still has the guidance about old Favorite tags [duplicate]

It has been a while Favorite tags were added Big Brother eye changed to Watched tags and some user interface improvements were added. ('Favorite Tags' is now 'Tag Watching') Our faq ...
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Pirate's eye (Feature request to disable watched/ignored-tags with a single click)

The Pirate's eye The current design of all stack-exchange sites allow the users to Watch and Ignore tags. The purpose of this feature has been described in the following post: What do “watched tags” ...
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Grouping Levels for Tags

Every now and then, I update my IGNORE tags lists on stackoverflow so it's easier to browse questions that I might know something about and be able to help with. If I don't use the IGNORE list, I ...
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Where are questions using my favorite tags highlighted?

Reading the most up-voted answer for What do "favorite tags" and "ignored tags" do? I notice the following sentence: On Stack Overflow, these preferences affect how questions ...
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Advanced topic search

I would like to help this community by giving quality answers to as many questions as I can during the downtime at work or in the evenings at home, but I am only experienced in programming in certain ...
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