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Software to notify about interesting tags [duplicate]

Is there any software out there to notify about interesting questions based on my added tags as soon as they chip in?
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Stackoverflow should send question to experts [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Ask a question and notify users on specific users list How could I notify Stack Overflow's expert users about my new question? I should be posible to have a special ...
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FAQ for Stack Exchange sites

Community FAQ For sites in the Stack Exchange 2.0 network To see a list of commonly used words and phrases, see the glossary. For official guidance from Stack Exchange, visit the Help Center. Asking ...
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Pirate's eye (Feature request to disable watched/ignored-tags with a single click)

The Pirate's eye The current design of all stack-exchange sites allow the users to Watch and Ignore tags. The purpose of this feature has been described in the following post: What do “watched tags” ...
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Help center still has the guidance about old Favorite tags [duplicate]

It has been a while Favorite tags were added Big Brother eye changed to Watched tags and some user interface improvements were added. ('Favorite Tags' is now 'Tag Watching') Our faq ...
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Sandboxing the FAQ for Stack Exchange sites to make it international

The content was taken from the rev. 233 of FAQ for Stack Exchange sites to test an idea shared on a comment to my answer to Help develop the site and community knowledge base in your language. The ...
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Documentation for frequented tags feature

Since there's so much confusion around this, I'll start off with a little background. Frequented tags are an alternative to favorite tags which are automatically inferred from browsing patterns. If ...
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Why is my question faded on the main question list? [duplicate]

From the moment I posted my (89th) question on History SE, it has appeared like this in the main question list: When you click to view, it looks fine. It only appears like this on the main list. I ...
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What does Watching Tags do? [duplicate]

Under the tag description are two buttons, watch/unwatch and ignore/unignore. What are those buttons supposed to do? I didn't see any effects from using them.
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Favourite tags? [duplicate]

How can I mark tags as favorite one so when I log in to Stackexchange site only questions related to that tag.For example when I log in to Stackoverflow site only questions related to C++ appear on my ...
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Make question list more browsable [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Stack overflow tag filtering How about allowing users to browse the question list having selected some tags? A selection of this kind will make it easier to focus on questions ...
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A way to ignore specific questions [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Hide a particular question locally I would really like a private-to-me tag, like Favorite, but kinda the opposite -- something that lets me ignore specific posts and by ignore,...
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How would one *exclude* a tag from a page? [duplicate]

This may seem like an odd request, but right now in Movies & TV there are dozens upon dozens of Game of Thrones questions. I don't care about Game of Thrones, I can't answer their questions, nor ...
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Quick Tag Select [duplicate]

From time to time, I like to give back to the SA community and answer some questions. However, I'm not knowledgeable in everything from my site (Stack Overflow) so I tend to just search for questions ...
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Quick filter by favorites (tags) [duplicate]

Would be great to be able to filter by favorite tags.
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