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5k views is slowing down initial page loads

I'm located in Sydney, Australia and on my first hit to any Stack Exchange site after I haven't been active for a period of time (say, an hour or so), I can see FireFox waiting on for ...
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"waiting for" waits too much

When I open a question at it comes at a normal time (instantly or 1 second), but if I refresh the page by F5 I wait for about 5 seconds, sometimes more. The browser status says: ...
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Stack Overflow is not loading properly in Chrome

Starting yesterday, pages on Stack Overflow have been coming up as text and links only, no images or CSS. It is only doing this in Chrome, and only for Chrome developer tools ...
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CSS for Stack Overflow site not showing up correctly

I can post on meta with no issue. But for some odd reason I am not seeing the full-blown Stack Overflow site. It appears the CSS is missing from most of it. When I try to hit the CDN at this link, ...
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SSL certificate OCSP verification issue on, SO's JS/CSS not loading

Since the beginning of July I have intermittent trouble loading SO because I randomly can't verify the CDN's SSL certificate through OCSP. Network connectivity is otherwise good (traceroute & ping ...
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Static content CDN is unreliable for me, often showing "hostname could not be found"

For weeks now, I have been seeing this error often: [Error] Failed to load resource: A server with the specified hostname could not be found. ([foo.css | bar....
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Server of statics (and thus CSS) is now HTTPS

This is related to: Cannot load static content Now that your CSS are hosted on a server asking for HTTPS, the company where I work filters it (HTTPS is authorized by whitelist only). I think a lot ...
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Mobile Flagging History

This meta question asks the same and is flagged as a duplicate of this other meta question, which despite the fact that it is answered and that the answer earned a bounty, does not actually answer the ...
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Stack Exchange sites not rendering static assets correctly

This is happening a lot lately. Just now it didn't happen, but you know how it looks (see here for a screenshot). I was worried that this could be a duplicate, but: a) It's not a duplicate of this, ...
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Stack Exchange Page Formatting Goes weird [duplicate]

For reasons I don't understand, the page formatting goes weird when I look at various stack exchange sites. The error is not consistent. It comes and goes as it pleases, depending on factors I have ...
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