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What do icons on the tags mean?

What does an icon on the tag mean, for example the "rg" before the sql-server tag as pictured below? Return to FAQ index
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Titles should be stand-alone summaries of questions *without* depending on tags

Titles should be completely independent of tags. A good title tells an expert whether they want to read the full question all by itself. I know this has come up multiple times before, before, but in ...
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Can we prevent titles with an unnecessary tag in them?

So we have lots of questions that are titled like this: c++ : Failing the template function lookup Specifically, questions that have one of their tags in front of their title. Thankfully, these silly ...
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How do I search for questions with (or without) specific tags?

How do I search for questions with specific tags? How do I search for questions that have specific tags? How do I search for questions that contain specific text, as well as specific tags? Are there ...
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"That's not what the comments are for"

I have been informed in the comments at carry over user entered carriage returns from message box and sent in email, that I shouldn't use the comments to inform posters about why I made the edits I ...
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What do "watched tags" and "ignored tags" do?

What are watched tags and ignored tags? How do they work? What are tag subscriptions? What are interesting tags? On Stack Overflow, the content of the main page question list appears to be influenced ...
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Tag Wiki best practices [duplicate]

The tag database-design has no tag wiki, and SO invites me to help create one. I've got the reputation. I think Database-design really needs a tag wiki. I'd like to help. But I don't feel quite up ...
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Stop turning bare URLs in RFC 2606 domains into links

The Problem Sometimes on Stack Overflow (and —how meta­— on meta) you talk about URLs and use an RFC 2606 domain (such as ''), but you will never mean this to be a hyperlink. These ...
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I'd like vanity URLs

Feature request: vanity URLs for users who hit some arbitrarily high rep score (like...1?) For example, I'd like to be or
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Display title of question rather than its URL when posting internal links in comments [duplicate]

Ok, this is a really simple one and will be well worth doing IMHO. When you put a link in a comment you get something like this: Pretty similar (if not dupe) to
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Should questions contain general categories in the title?

Way back in 2009, the question was posed: Should language-specific questions contain the language name in the title? I want to ask this again, but in a broader context. On Boardgames, some users ...
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FAQ for Stack Exchange sites

Community FAQ For sites in the Stack Exchange 2.0 network To see a list of commonly used words and phrases, see the glossary. For official guidance from Stack Exchange, visit the Help Center. Asking ...
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Will tags in title be prohibited programmatically ever? [duplicate]

Pretty popular and actual problem: infinite amount of volunteering moderators edit infinite amount of questions by removing tags from beginning of question. Day after day, years so far. Didn't see ...
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How is the tag chosen to prefix the title? [duplicate]

Which tag is used in the title of a question? It does not seem to be the most popular It does not seem to be the first in the tagging order: This question Loopback connection via PHP's getimage ...
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Automatically remove the patterns "tag :" and "tag -" from titles

My feature-request is a, slightly, stricter version of this, un-actioned one. If the following conditions are true, can the patterns be automatically be removed from the question title: Where the ...
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