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How does this edit suggestion changes the original meaning or intent of the post?

I am trying to make an edit to this question: What is a None value? For this, I have made two attempts to suggest an edit and both the times the edit suggestion got rejected: Edit Suggestion ...
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Sloppy Question Asking

While a lot of users have genuine trouble writing questions up in English, some seem to flaunt the basic rules of punctuation and grammar. It's almost like they haven't even spent a few seconds ...
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Help develop the site and community knowledge base in your language

I think everyone agrees that it is great to have a lot of technology Q&A. In this way, anyone can quickly understand how to use a technology. The Stack Exchange engine is a quite complicated tool ...
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Using tags in question titles

Here are three similar ways to title a question: how to concatenate lines into one string bash: to concatenate lines into one string how to concatenate lines into one string in bash Since the ...
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How to prevent tags from being used in question titles [duplicate]

There are numerous questions on meta requesting automated removal of tags from titles (1, 2, 3), and the rule that questions should not have tags in their titles. This is obviously an issue with many....
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Why do reviewers fully reject obvious edits instead of marking as unsubstantial and still applying it?

I don't get this at all. I'm trying to do as much good as I can, but even so little gets rejected by the users who are in full power to allow that edit. And by rejected I mean not just pressing "this ...
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Discourage use of tags in title

(Especially new) users often use redundant tags in the title redundantly. In fact, by far the most common edit reason I use a the moment is “removed tag from title”. There’s a consensus that tags don’...
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Android app question titles?

I know the "rule" about tags in titles. When I made my first Android app post, I made the title "Unable to follow links in comments", then Cody Gray added "on Android app" in his edit. I could ...
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Why are "related questions" suddenly appearing above the answer input (instead of in the right sidebar) for unanswered questions?

(outdated context): I was seeing this on all network sites. Screenshot from MSO: Did something with A/B testing related questions within the answers list (testing has concluded) go out of control? ...
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How to get a support request fulfilled on Meta Stack Overflow? [closed]

Well, the folks on Meta.SO managed to close a support request as off-topic: Please delete an answer that is locked. In fact, the folks on Meta.SE told me to go there and make the request: How do I ...
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Putting important tags in the title convention

Previously I asked whether it would be a good idea to always put the important tags in the title, visible to Google. As Grace Note points out, something similar is already done, but only for the first ...
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"Using" Tags in the Title

I've begun to think that titles like this: Custom Annotations to Validate End Date Doesn't Come Before Start Date Using ASP.NET MVC 4 C Sharp are the same thing as Custom Annotations to ...
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Can we do something about people adding C# in their titles? [duplicate]

Commonly, you see questions that state the problem (in very bad, lowercase Engrish) followed (or proceeded) by (lowercase) "c#". Can we do something about this? Maybe ban C# from titles? c# is ...
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Should I use suggested edits to add tags, or is that too minor a change? [duplicate]

I recently suggested an edit to a question that did nothing but add a single highly relevant tag: It scraped through with 3 accepts and 2 rejects. Two reviewers voted to reject on the basis that: ...
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Is there a way to prevent or discourage spamming edits?

As per title, is there any way to prevent or discourage serial useless edits? I've noticed a string of them coming from the same user and because there's no way to contact them directly I can't tell ...
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