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Why are "related questions" suddenly appearing above the answer input (instead of in the right sidebar) for unanswered questions?

(outdated context): I was seeing this on all network sites. Screenshot from MSO: Did something with A/B testing related questions within the answers list (testing has concluded) go out of control? ...
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What's the best of Stack?

Continuing with my series of questions to you - I've got one that's a bit lighter this week. We spent last week firing up our magic wand and changing things. This time, let's celebrate what exists. I ...
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Can you add tags in 'Similar questions' block for each displayed question?

I read that 'tags' on Stack Exchange are 'prohibited' in titles. Should questions include “tags” in their titles? So, to clearly identify a question, we need to read its title... and the tags. ...
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What determines which tag is displayed as part of a question when multiple tags are present? [duplicate]

When posting questions to several different sites across the Stack Exchange network, I've noticed that depending on the tags that I've included as part of my question, one of these tags will sometimes ...
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Sandboxing the FAQ for Stack Exchange sites to make it international

The content was taken from the rev. 233 of FAQ for Stack Exchange sites to test an idea shared on a comment to my answer to Help develop the site and community knowledge base in your language. The ...
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Help develop the site and community knowledge base in your language

I think everyone agrees that it is great to have a lot of technology Q&A. In this way, anyone can quickly understand how to use a technology. The Stack Exchange engine is a quite complicated tool ...
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Guidelines for duplicating tag text in a question title [duplicate]

Suppose we have a question like: How to check if an object is a string in JavaScript? Obviously, we should tag the question with the javascript tag. But do we need that 'in JavaScript' part in ...
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title of page of question asked [duplicate]

How is the title of page of a question asked is made? Eg, javascript - What is the best way to detect a mobile device in jQuery? - Stack Overflow. The title of page starts with javascript. Does it ...
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Community Wiki card design looks weird/broken

Just noticed this weird design: Browsing other random CW posts, noticed another version: Using the wayback machine, found the good old design: Can this please be reverted back to the ...
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Tags are not prefixed in the <title> on the MSE question

We had a brief conversation regarding tags at the <title> tag of our SE questions in this question. According to our SE tagging system, most tags will automatically be prefixed into the title of ...
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What is the right way to phrase a question at SE: common language or technical language?

Since a large part of the purpose of SE is to be the source of good Answers for seekers of knowledge, to find such Answers users need first to find the right Questions. It therefor occurs to me that ...
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How to get a support request fulfilled on Meta Stack Overflow? [closed]

Well, the folks on Meta.SO managed to close a support request as off-topic: Please delete an answer that is locked. In fact, the folks on Meta.SE told me to go there and make the request: How do I ...
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Is it useful to tag a question when the tag is already (appropriately) in the title?

Not to rehash Should questions include "tags" in their titles?, but after some amount of searching, I haven't found a discussion of the inverse scenario. To illustrate, here's the question ...
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Questions with the same name [duplicate]

If you try to ask a question and a question with the same title exists you get this message: Your question couldn't be submitted. Please see the error above. To pass that people do things like ...
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Why is placing the tag name in the question title bad? [duplicate]

I often see edits which remove tags like "C#", "SQL", etc. from question titles. Why are tags in titles considered bad practice? It doesn't make things unclear; it doesn't confuse anybody. But, most ...
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