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Allow to flag a question for closure without casting a vote if I'm out of close votes

This is not a duplicate of I'm out of close votes. Can I use moderator flags instead? because that is a support question asking if one can use moderator attention flags to indicate that questions ...
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Vote to close not possible because it was flagged [duplicate]

I recently hit 3k on SO and now I can vote to close. I have an extensive flagging history with some of them are marked as waiting for review. I had to discover that the flag from my pre-3k prevents ...
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In what sense would being able to vote on a question you flagged be double voting?

Currently you are not able to vote on a question you flagged. This is by-design. Anna Lear explains in that link that this is because it would give you two close votes for the question. I cannot see ...
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If I flagged a question will I ever be able to vote to close it? [duplicate]

I've recently gained the close voting privilege. I was looking over my flag history for questions I'd flagged which both didn't get closed and didn't get fixed, and I've found a few. The flags were ...
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Would like to withdraw my flag for closure in favor of vote to close [duplicate]

About a month ago, when I had less than 3k rep (on stackoverflow) I flagged this question as a duplicate, a copy and paste of a previous one by the same author. The flag hasn't been deal with (no ...
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If I flag a question, then get close vote privileges, I should be allowed to vote to close it [duplicate]

I've just passed the threshold for being able to vote to close on another SE site. Some of the questions I flagged prior to having this privilege are still in the review queue because not enough votes ...
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Close flag turned into close vote shown as pending review in flagged posts

Link to question: for closure when my rep was below 3k. As I crossed the line, the flag transmuted into a close ...
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Duplicate flag lists "you have already raised this flag" after flagging as "Unclear what you're asking"

I recently flagged a post on SO as "Unclear what you're asking". Afterwards, for whatever reason, I clicked flag again and found this: Is there any reason it says I've raised a duplicate flag too ...
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Allow close votes on questions I've already flagged [duplicate]

Working on the review queue after I was granted the privilege, I don't see why I shouldn't be able to cast a close vote on a question I've flagged previously. Please allow me to cast a close vote if ...
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Is an FAQ (i.e. a collection of questions) considered on topic on Stack Overflow? [duplicate]

I'm referring specifically to this post: Reference - frequently asked questions about PDO It's essentially a collection of questions and then each answer is an answer to one of those questions. To me ...
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Why can't I vote to close a question I flagged for closure in the past? [duplicate]

As I was going over the Review Close Votes Queue I came upon a question that seemed familiar. When I tried to vote to close the question (as duplicate) I got a message saying that I already flagged ...
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