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Falsely duplicate question on stackoverflow [duplicate]

I asked this question in stackoverflow and it was marked as a duplicate, which made sense, I guess I should 've mentioned I had already looked at that answer and it didn't help. I edited the question ...
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Reopen Question incorrectly closed as Duplicate? [duplicate]

So I asked a question here about finding out the reputation that has been granted based upon the tags of questions one has asked or answered. The question was closed as an Exact Duplicate of this ...
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How to appeal a closed question? [duplicate]

I have a question on Super User that was closed as an exact duplicate. In my opinion this is in error, the other question is similar in that they both revolve around the presence or lack of the same ...
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Posting questions more specific than existing broad questions, and answering "closed as duplicate" questions which actually aren't duplicates [duplicate]

Recently someone asked, "How can I use my laptop's monitor as my PC's monitor?" (I'll refer to this as question 1) This question was closed as a duplicate of "Can I use my laptop as a second monitor ...
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How can I remove the 'Possible Duplicate' from a question I asked? [duplicate]

I asked this question, and I specifically detailed in the answer that I needed to do it without a subquery over the full table. I am looking for a way to do it like MySQL does, or use a library that ...
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If my post is clearly not a duplicate but users keep closing it as duplicate what am I supposed to do? [duplicate]

Respect User's prefers-color-scheme Setting on StackExchange Network to allow dark mode I've already edited it before posting to make sure it is not a duplicate and users are mistaking it as a ...
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What to do when your question is marked as duplicate but you don't see how so? [duplicate]

I recently asked this question, and it was marked as duplicate by a lot of people (obviously a lot more learned than me). I don't realize how so? I tried all the methods I could understand, but I ...
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Why do I have to edit something in my question when someone says 'possible duplicate of'? [duplicate]

Sometimes when I ask a question, I see someone posting a comment on my question "Possible duplicate of...", and I see such banner: However, the suggested "duplicate" does not really contain any ...
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Can we stop 'experienced' SE users from marking questions as duplicate on their own? [duplicate]

I recently posted a question - QFrame with background image and otherwise transparent background, and I have tried a lot of things and could not manage to do it. But while I was waiting for an answer, ...
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How is a feature request a duplicate of a support question? [duplicate]

I asked Could we allow users to challenge moderators' decisions? but it was marked as a duplicate. But I believe it isn't a duplicate because the questions linked to are asking how to use a ...
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What further steps can I take to distinguish a question incorrectly closed as duplicate? [duplicate]

The perfect question for my problem is erroneously closed as a duplicate. The one answer doesn't work; in fact, it's an answer to the (allegedly) duplicated question. Maybe that (and the fact that the ...
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How to contest a gold badge duplicate closure as low-rep user? [duplicate]

I asked Assign name to Hyper-V guest for Windows 10 host? to get a constructive response to the problem on how to get a host name for a client VM known to the host. Another user then came by and ...
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Are there any tricks to "bypass" duplicated question checking when asking on Stack OverFlow? [duplicate]

I've just started learning IT and ask questions on SO a lot. But I'm so tired of my questions being closed all the time due to duplicated reasons. They pointed me to some other question that was said ...
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My question was incorrectly marked as duplicate [duplicate]

I was told by the support team that I should post a support question here if I "feel" my question was incorrectly marked as duplicate. Here's the question: Assigning a non-const quoted string to a ...
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How should I edit my question to explain how it's not a duplicate? [duplicate]

My question has been marked as a duplicate by five users: This question has been asked before and already has an answer. If those answers do not fully address your question, please edit this ...
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