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"Please help me, I need a proper answer" when closed as dupe

I don't want to comment here any more because I'm pretty damn angry with the asker who can't be bothered to read the duplicate, even though it is the perfect textbook duplicate, with has thousands of ...
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Could we describe what we think two questions have in common, when claiming that one question is possiblely a duplicate of another?

I know that when someone claims that a question is a duplicate there is an option to edit the question to make it more clear how it's different from the other question. Sometimes it can be clear how ...
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Give askers a way to challenge a duplicate closure

When I read about Stack Overflow or the Stack Exchange network in various other places on the internet, a lot of it are complaints about the moderation. There is one specific complaint I see a lot, ...
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Down and duplicate votes on my questions as a new user seem like bullying [duplicate]

Lot of people have posted these kind of questions, but mine deals with another perspective of the same problem, so before you cry out duplicate! just hear me out. I'm a pretty new user on Stack ...
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Addressing of flagged posts which need moderator intervention [duplicate]

Specifically, when a post is flagged as in need of moderator intervention what does it mean? A while ago, this happened: Little backstory: I asked a question which was related to a question supplied ...
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Why is it that asking questions is restricted if there are others that are remotely similar to it?

About two years ago, I tried out Stack Exchange for the first time. And one issue that continues to haunt me is the god-forbidden 'tagged as duplicate' tag. Why must we have to search this website for ...
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What to do if I didn't get the answer in already answered question [duplicate]

I was searching something then I find that the question is already asked and answered, but the cause of the problem was bit different, and so the answer. So I decided to post the question again, but ...
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No, my question is different, the dupe-voter misread it

I've received a dupe-vote on a question, and I'm getting This question may already have an answer here: That solved my problem! No, my question is different. I will edit to explain how. ...
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How to handle link-only bug-report-answers, that are perhaps the only correct answers?

Note: The answer in question has been deleted by reviewers while I have been writing this question. When reviewing low quality posts, I came about the following link-only-answer, that was recommended ...
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Does linking a similar question when asking a question make it less likely to get marked as a duplicate?

Let's say I want to ask a question, and I see a similar question and some answers to it but I don't feel that any of the answer tells me what I want to know. Would linking the similar question, in my ...
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Is there any consequence to incorrectly flagging or voting to close a question as a duplicate?

It happened quite a few times to me that a question of mine was incorrectly flagged as a duplicate of another question (usually a similar question that is not as specific as mine). Most of the times ...
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How to ask multiple similar but different questions?

There have been discussion earlier if similar but different questions should all go into one question post or into several independent (which may link to each other). The general consensus is to ask ...
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What can you do if you find out that your question really is a duplicate?

The problem: After searching SO for quite a while, you don't find an answer to your question. So you put some effort and research in asking a good question. After posting, someone points out that your ...
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Shouldn't there be any way of reviewing the edit reviews?

Sometimes my edits are rejected for no good reason. A good example is when I add a new major tag (like to the question, and the edit is rejected for being a too minor edit. Adding an ...
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Why do questions without answers appear in "No Upvoted Answers"? [duplicate]

I see why there are some questions which don't have any answers, but still they exist in category "No Upvoted Answers". Why? These questions should be in category "no answers".
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