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Are there any tricks to "bypass" duplicated question checking when asking on Stack OverFlow? [duplicate]

I've just started learning IT and ask questions on SO a lot. But I'm so tired of my questions being closed all the time due to duplicated reasons. They pointed me to some other question that was said ...
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Does linking a similar question when asking a question make it less likely to get marked as a duplicate?

Let's say I want to ask a question, and I see a similar question and some answers to it but I don't feel that any of the answer tells me what I want to know. Would linking the similar question, in my ...
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What should we be looking to change and what is inviolable?

Updated note (with the original post still below the line)- Thank you, very much, for the time you've spent answering these questions. I learned a ton. In fact, as I've hinted below, I'd like to do ...
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What happens with "Does this answer your question?" - Yes [duplicate]

Question When one/more users suggest another post answers your question (and there is a banner at the top of the page asking if question title answers your question? Yes/No), what physically happens ...
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Feature request: Create a separate site for feature requests [duplicate]

The prominently displayed feature request tag on this site should be removed immediately. A Q&A site does NOT mix well with feature requests. A Q&A site correctly punishes duplicate questions ...
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Demote duplicate flags to 'similarity'

I am not a high-score user on StackOverflow, so I don't know, if this feature exists for more established users. Sorry if this is a duplicate in itself. I often come across new questions in my search ...
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Why is it that asking questions is restricted if there are others that are remotely similar to it?

About two years ago, I tried out Stack Exchange for the first time. And one issue that continues to haunt me is the god-forbidden 'tagged as duplicate' tag. Why must we have to search this website for ...
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Give a "Not a duplicate button" on a question [duplicate]

EDIT: This is NOT a duplicate of the other question, as this is a feature request. Expected wording: Your post has been associated with a similar question. If that question doesn’t resolve your ...
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Addressing of flagged posts which need moderator intervention [duplicate]

Specifically, when a post is flagged as in need of moderator intervention what does it mean? A while ago, this happened: Little backstory: I asked a question which was related to a question supplied ...
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Could we describe what we think two questions have in common, when claiming that one question is possiblely a duplicate of another?

I know that when someone claims that a question is a duplicate there is an option to edit the question to make it more clear how it's different from the other question. Sometimes it can be clear how ...
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Is there a way to advocate for the removal of a "duplicate question" declaration? [duplicate]

I made my way to this question: apache2.service is masked and there is a box purporting that it is a duplicate if this question: systemctl, how to unmask Question A is arguably a special case of ...
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If my post is clearly not a duplicate but users keep closing it as duplicate what am I supposed to do? [duplicate]

Respect User's prefers-color-scheme Setting on StackExchange Network to allow dark mode I've already edited it before posting to make sure it is not a duplicate and users are mistaking it as a ...
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How do you address a question that's been flagged as a duplicate? [duplicate]

A question I asked has been flagged as a duplicate, I believe incorrectly. When I looked up what to do here the advice was to edit it to explain why it wasn't, which I did, and then flagged it when ...
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Flagging a message by a moderator resulted in a suspension from another moderator [closed]

What can a person do if they flagged a chat message posted by a moderator that is spam, inappropriate, and/or offensive, and then another moderator suspends that person that flagged the original ...
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How to contest a gold badge duplicate closure as low-rep user? [duplicate]

I asked Assign name to Hyper-V guest for Windows 10 host? to get a constructive response to the problem on how to get a host name for a client VM known to the host. Another user then came by and ...
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