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Is improving an answer (from incomplete to complete) a "change in meaning"? [duplicate]

So I've just tried to edit an answer for the first time, here: Rejected three to two. I'm not really trying to 'fight the decision'. I mean, I ...
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Get rid of the question ban on Meta; suspend actively harmful users manually

This user appears to have been question banned because of two unpopular Meta suggestions. (He says so in Chat) Look at the two contributions that appear to have gotten him banned. Like those of many ...
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Was this a valid edit that I should have approved? [closed]

This edit came up in the queue the other day, which I rejected as I felt it should have been a comment, and I checked, was already a comment by the editor.
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An open letter to Tim Post, the community manager of Stack Overflow

You asked me once if there was anything going on that I'd like to talk about. One of your moderators just banned me on Stack Overflow for a month, telling me that my edits for this question are "...
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Nobody in my community has the power to re-open a question

I'm part of the LiveCode community. This community discovered Stack Exchange about a year ago and nobody in this community, including myself, has a high enough reputation to re-open questions. For ...
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What is wrong with rejecting this edit?

I just had the following edit review task: The editor added some stuff that actually should have been posted as comment or as answer. The ...
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Can I edit someone else's on-hold question to better suit my answer

A couple of days ago I posted an answer to this which I believe is a better answer than the others, as it is the most general in nature. Unfortunately the question was missing a good deal of ...
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Edit answers of senior members

Sometimes I notice any small typing mistake in an answer by a much senior member compared to myself. Mostly what one does is to point out the mistake in a comment and they can fix it with a thanks ...
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What to do when your edit is rejected, even if it is right

I notice that sometimes we do editing of a question and the reviewer rejects the edit request in a second, even though we know that the editing is done by us is quite right (I know they have much ...
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Are collaborative answers discouraged?

I'm not sure why this proposed edit was rejected; the reason selected was "this edit changes too much in the original post" but I wouldn't have thought that would apply when my original version of the ...
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Extending answers

Is there a documented "best practice" or standard way to answer with an extension to an existing answer? If not - would it make sense to define it? There are many cases where a question is ...
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How should posts be edited?

When editing a post, are there any rules you should follow? For example: a note to what comment or answer you replied keywords you should use, so everyone can see that this wasn't part of the ...
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Remove reputation threshold to see the split between up&downvotes on meta [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Rep for “view vote count” privilege should be lower (on meta) This post asked to remove the reputation threshold to see the split between up and down votes. The ...
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