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Improving a 'What is the best" kind of question

Now and then I find myself reading a question that starts like what is the best way to do X on Y? or which is the best X on Y? Most of these questions are marked as "not constructive". ...
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Tag and title edits should not remove a question from Close queue

Any edit from the Close Queue removes the question from the queue — even if the editor did nothing but add a tag. This is inconsistent with the behavior of the Reopen Queue: for an edit to put a ...
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Is it acceptable to edit unsalvageable closed questions during tag cleanups?

At Super User, there is a huge ongoing campaign to destroy numerous bad tags. Boatloads of the questions with those tags are closed and not repairable. Sadly, they mostly have (mediocre) answers, and ...
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When a question was voted to Leave Closed, does it return to the Reopen Votes review queue after being edited? [duplicate]

In some [closed] questions, an edit may not be enough to the community consider it to reopening, so it is voted to Leave Closed three times. Therefore, the question will no longer be on the Reopen ...
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Review message is wrong in the case of popular posts in the Reopen Queue [duplicate]

I got this review in the Reopen Queue. Clicking on Revision I got: Why are there no changes to diplay if the question is in the queue because of being edited? If this question is in the ...
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New reopen queue offers the same questions the next day [duplicate]

Yesterday a change to the reopen review queue, in which old questions meeting certain criteria are added to the queue daily, went live on Server Fault. Yesterday I went through about three dozen of ...
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Allow edits by flaggers to push to the reopen queue under appropriate circumstances

Example The following events happened to this question: The question was asked being in a very unclear state (IMHO). I flagged the question for closure (not having the close privilege) due to being ...
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