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What is serial voting and how does it affect me?

I just noticed that I lost a bunch of points from my reputation score, and I used the "reputation" tab on my user profile page to try and track down the cause. During my investigation, I noticed ...
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How do "badges" work?

What are badges? How do users get badges? How can users get tag badges? Can badges be lost/revoked/taken away after they are awarded? If so, how and when? How can I suggest a new badge? For more ...
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How to know if I am a serial up voter?

I am not a fraud, I have no acquaintances here whatsoever. I love reading questions and answers here and upvoting what I feel is cool. Sometimes I'm in awe of some answers and questions posted here. ...
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Warn users that they might be committing vote fraud

It looks like this guy ran head-on into voting fraud without even knowing it. I don't get the impression that he was trying to harm anyone with this process. What about a warning message that ...
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Revoked mortarboard badge? [duplicate]

On May 30, 2011, I earned the Mortarboard badge. You can see it on my profile using the WayBack Machine. (I also commented on it in a meta post the day after I earned the badge.) I am wondering why ...
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Rep sharing would be nice

Request If your answer is accepted. It would be nice if you could share your rep with people you felt contributed to you figuring out an answer on this question. I don't mean you can simply award rep ...
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How many upvotes can I give this guy before I'm banned / penalized?

This guy is the developer of the C# port of the Bouncy Castle encryption library. He is an occasional user but very smart and a great member of SO. I want to upvote many of his answers so he can ...
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Rate limiting on voting system

I recently came across a question and I saw the vote counter was updating as usual when people up-vote it. But then I saw it was really another user upvoting, downvoting, upvoting, etc. I joined in ...
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Inconsistent CSS overlap on Stack Exchange notifications

Sometimes when questions generate a lot of heat, or when a user is inactive for several days notifications can build up in the top bar like so: The issue is obviously when the number reaches the ...
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How to relinquish answers I've provided? [duplicate]

I'd like to remove hold of all of my answers I hold on StackOverflow while keeping their content in tact just in case they help anyone down the road. How can I go about doing this? I see [deleted] ...
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