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Should flagging a question for closure prevent close-voting?

Back in April, I flagged a post as "not a real question". The post was subsequently closed and reopened, then closed again and finally just reopened a 2nd time a short time ago. I still firmly ...
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Suggestion, change "This Type of Flag" to something less ambiguous

A constant source of confusion is the wording on the menu for flagging a question or answer. In 2013 it seems it was first changed from this flag to this type of flag (Duplicate flag lists "you ...
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Minor "you have already raised this type of flag" bug?

I flagged something as spam, then was only 90% sure I'd done so, so I clicked the flag link again to check. It showed me this: I had, of course, only raised the spam flag, not the offensive/abusive/...
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Misleading text in flag dialog - "you have already raised this flag" when I didn't

Now, I raised "duplicate" flag. And I don't argue with the fact that "another reason" should be disabled. But the text should be different, as I didn't raise any "another reason" flags on this ...
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Clicking "flag" on a question that you already flagged as off-topic shows that you also flagged it as a duplicate [duplicate]

I flagged a question as off-topic because it was a "how to get started" question. After flagging the question, I then clicked flag again, and noticed that it had shown that I had not only flagged it ...
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No, I haven't already raised this flag (not here, anyway)

So for whatever reason I was going through stackoverflow looking for questions that had slipped through the retag/migrate net. I found this question, which clearly didn't belong on SO, and probably ...
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Show you have flagged a post in the flag dialogue window [duplicate]

When I vote to close a question and I open back up the dialogue window it will say You voted to close this question {time} ago which is fair enough. However, if I flag a post I will get told ...
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"You have already raised this flag" Well, not really [duplicate]

After I joined the mob and flagged some spam on the Bitcoin Beta, for a poorly-understood reason, I went back to one of the questions I'd flagged and opened the flag dialog. There, I saw something of ...
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Second time I click "Flag" [duplicate]

When I flag a question with: -> it should be closed for another reason. -> Off topic -> Questions concerning problems with code you've written must describe the specific problem — and include ...
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Flag as off-topic + migrate also suggests I flagged as duplicate [duplicate]

I flagged a question as being off-topic and requested it be migrated to TeX - LaTeX. However, it's suggesting I flagged it as a duplicate and/or should be closed: While closing as off-topic includes ...
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Why does the flagging dialogue think I've raised a flag I haven't? [duplicate]

The flagging dialogue tells me that I have raised a duplicate flag on that question. I haven't. I flagged it as off topic because instead of inline code it relied on a link (now broken).
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