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What kind of user is this? [duplicate]

I found user at stackoverflow today, but not getting what kind of user is this, is it from StackOverflow or its a fake account which is only made to cast ...
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Is the community bot remotely controlled? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Who is the Community user? On the community bots user profile, it says: Hi, I'm not really a person. I'm a background process that helps keep this site clean! I just saw ...
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The Community User [duplicate]

What does the Community user do? In particular, the description says that one of the things that it does is Randomly poke old unanswered questions every hour so they get some attention What does ...
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Community, what are you doing? [duplicate]

This question recently popped to the top of the active question queue. I spent some time reading the question, added some comments, and then realized that the last visible activity was a month ago. ...
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What does it mean if Community “asks” a question? [duplicate]

Just scrolling through Stack Overflow, and saw this: I looked in and the author who asked it wasn’t Community. What does this mean? The real asker’s profile picture was gray.
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Community bot's question labeled with incorrect user - or vice versa [duplicate]

As per this screenshot, from the Home page: It says that the Community bot asked that question. But why does it say, when you visit the question, from this screenshot: That it was asked by ...
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Incorrect owner and last edit date when viewing unanswered questions [duplicate]

I asked this question, which still doesn't have an answer. It hasn't been edited many times, so it is not a community wiki. However, when I view unanswered questions, it is the #1 unanswered question. ...
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About community user on Stack Overflow [duplicate]

What does this user do? What is its role? I read the description in which it's specified that: Own downvotes on spam/evil posts that get permanently deleted What's the use of this? EDIT How this ...
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Why is Community Moderator ♦ user voting? [duplicate]

I was going through personal profile of MSO Community Moderator ♦ and SO Community Moderator ♦. Their personal info written as: Hi, I'm not really a person. I'm a background process that ...
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Is this a bug? Did "Community" do anything to this question? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicates: Who is the Community user? I found this question shown on the "active" list, as in the following picture: But I went though carefully on this page, none of the operations ...
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Does the community user only edit http to https? [duplicate]

I saw some posts that were edited by community yesterday. When I checked the revision history, the edit was edited http to https. Does the Community User only change links from http to https, or are ...
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Wrong message on questions page [duplicate]

I opened the active questions page on and I saw this: "modified 39 mins ago" Clicking on the last activity link it goes me to the question page. I don't see anything ...
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Questions with no apparent recent activity show up in "Top Questions" list [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Who is the Community user? The following question is showing up in the front page "Top Questions" list now (2010/10/08 @ 14:55 EDT) as 0 votes 1 answer 24 views ...
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How does the community user work? [duplicate]

I simply can't get my head around how the Community user works. Is it a daemon process running in the background, responsible for approving / rejecting edits, poking old questions, etc., or how else ...
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Review queue workflows - Final release

All good things must come to an end and so must the review queues project. This project would not have been successful without the community. Thank you all for the hours of reviewing, testing, and ...
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