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Can't add comments to my own questions answers

I asked a question on SO - How to correctly iterate application settings in C# using reflection. I used to be able to comment on answers but I cannot do so any longer. The Add Comment link is grayed ...
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Question about the new @name comment notification feature [closed]

Let's say I want to reply to a comment made by Jeff Atwood. Which of the following will notify him? @Jeff Atwood: I agree with you (this one would be the "Canonical" form, the one that ...
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Do enough rude/offensive flags auto-delete a comment? [duplicate]

I know that if a post accumulates six offensive (or spam) flags it is auto-deleted. What happens with comments? Do enough "rude or offensive" flags on a comment also auto-delete it? (Spam isn't a ...
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Automatically detect the title of question from link in chat

We know the SE has a useful feature of automatically showing the title of question when a link of question is written in the body of question. For example: ...
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Automatic reply or dialog for "thanks, this solves my issue" comments [duplicate]

I've stumbled upon many answers which had OP comments such as "thanks, this solves it" but OP forgot to accept (or possibly upvote) the answer. I noted that if I flag such comments some of ...
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What's the exact time for "a short amount of time" requirement for triggering chat room?

When I was reading the newest announcement regarding chat rooms at: I noticed 2011-06-10: When adding a new comment to a post with many comments between ...
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How to comment on a question on another Stack Exchange site I newly joined? [duplicate]

I'm new to the area this question was posted in, and I don't have a "correct" answer to hand, but I want to get them a clue as to why the question is not perhaps the right rabbithole, and ...
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When clicking "Ask Question" from within a tag page, automatically add this tag to the new question

Suppose I want to ask where I can ask a question on Stack Exchange. Ideally, I'd first browse existing site-recommendation questions, and if I can't find what I want, will ask a new question. Assuming ...
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Why do I need at least 50 reputation to post a comment? [duplicate]

I just made an account, so I do not have any reputation yet. I know the answer on a question in a comment, I would like to post a comment to answer it, but I can't because I don't have enough ...
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Site feedback on answered questions

I recently asked a question on 'form submission with a link' and received four answers. I cannot see on the site how to reply and say thanks to these people
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