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Age close votes after 14 days, regardless of views, allowing recasting

I've been putting this off for a long time... Close vote aging - the deactivation of votes that haven't resulted in a question being closed - is a critical part of the vote-to-close system, but has ...
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2014 SO Moderator Election Q&A - Question Collection [closed]

In connection with the Stack Overflow moderator elections, we will be holding a Q&A with the candidates. This will be an opportunity for members of the community to pose questions to the ...
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How can we improve the mod tools?

You may have noticed that we have a bit of a backlog for bugs and feature requests related to moderator tools. Our moderators do a lot of work to keep our sites running smoothly, and we recognize ...
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Close Votes review: I'm going on a strike! [closed]

I know this question is going to make me unpopular here – but I feel I have no other options. I have been concerned by the size of the close votes review queue for quite a while. When I ...
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Daily close votes queue limit [closed]

This question is related to this (jan23), this (mar 12) and many others; with the difference that close queue on SO today is 20k longer = 74k. I read & understand about the fear for robot-...
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New background for deleted posts

Programmers has picked up a bit of a reputation as of late. We've done our best to shed the remaining issues from the NPR1 days. And we're fortunate to have users who focus on maintaining the site's ...
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Ideas for the close queue? [closed]

I am concerned on the growing close votes review queue size. I know it has been discussed before.. more than once, and I simply want to propose some ideas... Why not separate the single close votes ...
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Bill the Lizard's Closing Antics [closed]

Bill the Lizard is the number 1 reviewer when it comes to Close Votes. Now I can only respect the amount of time he's put in to sealing that podium position, however he's doing this in such a way that ...
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Let moderators navigate the review queues at will

This post is an expansion of this comment For many graduated sites (eg Physics), moderators do not want to apply the unilateral close vote in all cases--it is better to let some community votes pile ...
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Don't let flag-to-close flags linger for months in flag purgatory

Here is the close queue: Here is an active flag I have: I currently have 5 flags pending in the close queue. Some, like this one, are months old. This doesn't feel right and may discourage ...
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Please stop showing review audits for suggested edits to Moderators

Please stop showing audits to Moderators. I'm not referring to all users, just Diamond Moderators. We see so much crap while cleaning, we don't need the extra round of crap just make the system go - "...
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Strongly separate duplicates from "the rest" in close votes review queue

##Update: I wish I could downvote decline justification twice. "You can already filter down by close reason." Oh really , Do you see many reviewers using filter? Do you see Steward badges ...
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Can flags send a post into the Low Quality Posts review queue?

I'm trying to clear the last few TODOs in What are the guidelines for reviewing?, so it can eventually go into the FAQ. The section on the Low Quality Posts queue currently says: Questions appear ...
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How to tag questions related to size of The Queue? [closed]

Tags are keywords or labels that categorize and group your question with other, similar questions. ('tags' wiki excerpt) Questions related to size of Close Votes review queue at Stack Overflow are ...
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Add more grouping/sorting links to the moderator flag queue for "close" and "other" flags

In late 2011 some changes were made to the moderator queue that help us process flags more quickly. The main change was that a list of links for grouping flags by type was added to the sidebar. This ...
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