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0 helpful flags doesn't mean I haven't flagged at all - please fix it finally? [duplicate]

So before the page redesigns I (and not only me I guess) got problems with being unable to get the flag summary without switching to address bar if I had no flags - the number was shown only if you ...
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Viewing link to flag summary when you have not yet helpful flags [duplicate]

When someone creates a new account on an SE site, and when he/she flags a post for the first time, he/she can't see whether this flag is still active, or got declined, because the "Helpful flags" link ...
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Link to flag summary is not shown if you have flagged for the first time but the flags have not been approved / rejected yet [duplicate]

I first experienced this today, when I flagged a question for the first time on the StackApps Q&A. When I had flagged the question, I went back to my profile where I couldn't find a link to my ...
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Zero helpful flags not clickable [duplicate]

On the new user profiles, there is a link for helpful flags. When you click on it, it takes you to your flagging summary. If you have zero helpful flags, either because you've never flagged anything ...
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Show flag activity in profile even before flags processed [duplicate]

When a regular user flags something it disappears into the system until the flag is processed by someone. This is OK for active sites, but for less active sites, or sites like Meta where only ...
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How can I see my active flags with no prior helpful flags?

If I am new to a site and I raise a flag I can't tell how many I have raised or if I have an active flag. Without any helpful flags on a site there is no link to that page to inform me of the ...
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Can we make new flag responses more visible?

When looking at my flag-responses page, it's not always easy to tell what's new. Sometimes flags take a while to resolve, so I might have one farther down the page that only now got resolved. ...
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Generate an inbox notification when a moderator includes custom feedback on a handled flag

Moderators can include feedback when they handle flags. Especially if they suggest that the flagging user do something, it would be helpful if that information had a way of reaching the user. For ...
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All users should see their flag history as soon as they make a flag

This is described in more detail here. Rather than waiting for the first flag to be positively handled, as soon as a user makes a flag, they should be able to see a history of the flags they have ...
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Flagging history doesn't show anything when the only flags being cast are spam flags

Today I've helped flag a lot of spam for this: SPAM deluge over at WebApps (and pretty much all over SE). When I've visited my profile on WebApps to see my flag history of flag, the information about ...
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Can we have the user page tabs on the flagging summary page?

When visiting the sites, I often check my profile page for any changes to: Flags I have submitted (and consequently my flag weight) Reputation changes Favourites However, at the moment, when I want ...
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The case of the disappearing flag

On October 26th I raised a flag on one of the answers to this Meta question on Personal Finance & Money: Have there been any "Is this a scam?" questions that the answer was "No&...
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How to check the proceedings of a flagged post?

I flagged this post for moderator attention, which was my own question, and was subsequently closed as being off-topic. Reason: This question was related to networking, and was asked on ...
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"0 posts edited" is greyed out whereas "0 helpful flags" is clickable. What's the rationale behind that?

On my user profile, I see that 0 posts edited is greyed out whereas 0 helpful flags is clickable. What's the rationale behind that? Is there a declined flag perhaps? – Tinkeringbell♦ 54 secs ago No ...
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Can we preemptively direct flaggers (at least newer ones) to the location of flag responses?

As a moderator I respond to a lot of flags, and when I decline them I try to give good explanations. Most recently, I responded to a flag requesting that a question be deleted by directing the ...
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