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Report sites that use Stack Exchange content without following attribution rules here [duplicate]

NB The following is a community-generated list of websites that republish Stack Exchange content without attributing it properly. It is no longer being maintained, because the procedure for reporting ...
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Report high-Google-ranking Stack Exchange content copiers here [duplicate]

NB The following is a community-generated list of web pages that display Stack Exchange content and rank higher in search results than the original SE posts they copy. It is no longer being maintained,...
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Did anyone notice that some sites seem to be scraping/republishing SO's posts? [duplicate]

Such as: http://tech.e
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Is just a ripoff? [duplicate]

Is a Stack Exchange ripoff, or is there some valid connection to SE? I.e. does it use the Stack Exchange framework (it really looks very similar)? Interestingly, it mirrors all ...
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What is [duplicate]

I found the website (edit: do not go there, the site is possibly malicious now) and it seems to be the responsive version of Stack Overflow. But I cannot find ...
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Quora users (bots?) are copying a significant amount of Stack Exchange questions to Quora, without proper attribution [duplicate]

Quora users (bots?) are copying a significant amount of Stack Exchange questions to Quora, without proper attribution. It seems quite systematic. Examples from Are ...
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What is and why is it copying content? [duplicate]

I just did a search for "find out how much memory a python program takes" on Google and came up with two hits that contain the same content:
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How to report sites/users that are plagiarising SO questions on other forums? [duplicate]

I did a web search for my question and found that my exact SO question was plagiarised in a forum post by someone else. My question was unique and this is clearly a plagiarism of my question. But ...
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Someone copy-pasted my Database Administrators Stack Exchange site question on YouTube [duplicate]

I asked a question on the Database Administrators Stack Exchange site a few days back: MySQL 8 query doesn't prefer index with higher cardinality Today, I randomly found this video on YouTube. ...
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225 views - is this site related to Stack Exchange? [duplicate]

Consider this question on Stack Overflow, Morphia Interface for List of enum does not work (unmarshalling) The same question is on Morphia Interface for List of enum does not work (...
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Someone is copying SO,is SO licensed? [duplicate]

Hello, There was a question on SO(link) where the author linked us to his chinese copy of SO. What is going to be done about that,is SO licensed?
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Is this a mirror site affiliated with SO or a clone? [duplicate]

Found this thread ... --> here, with an ad in front. Just wondering...
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Fake Stack Overflow site on - illegal? [duplicate]

stackverflow-dot-com has recently been updated to be a clone of the real Stack Overflow site, and most likely steals information. Is this website illegally using the Stack Overflow and Stack Exchange ...
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SE posts appearing on non-SE sites [duplicate]

I'm new here. Yesterday I posted a couple of electrical questions in DIY. Later in the day I discovered, by accident when searching for some related material, that my questions also appeared on ...
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What to do when you find copied SF, SU or SO content on other websites? [duplicate]

Recently, while answering a Server Fault question, I stumbled upon a copied Server Fault question and answer at what looks like a content aggregation or text scraping site. Here's the original ...
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