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New programmers beware [duplicate]

As a fairly inexperienced programmer I find sites like these to be endlessly helpful. Without them, my development would be much more difficult. My question is this... Why do more experienced ...
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Why are Stack Exchange websites so strict? [duplicate]

I'd love to just ask a simple question and not have to worry about spending a large amount of time to make it perfect. Why is Stack Exchange so strict on question format and content?
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Formatting Sandbox

Notes: Answers will occasionally be moved to the Sandbox archive when there are too many of them. When using them to report bugs, keep an eye on the post. You may also want to take a look at the ...
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Could we please be a bit nicer to new users?

There is a distinct decline in the level of civility on all the sites here. Some of this is due to new users coming in and posting spam and other nonsense, but the off-topic and downvote buttons are ...
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The Help Vampire problem

What is the best long-term solution for the Help Vampire problem? Adapted from the above article: Identifying Help Vampires can be tricky, because they look like any ordinary person (or Internet user,...
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The problem with extrinsic motivation

TL;DR: Stack Exchange favors standard, fast, and complete answers at the expense of novel, creative, and excellent answers. This bias results directly from reputation ratings, badges and other ...
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How can I encourage Stack Overflow to rein in the 'subjective' vigilantes? [closed]

I'm on SO pretty much every day researching something to do with programming, and over the last month or two, I find I'm growing frustrated and a little disgusted at how many interesting questions ...
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Community-led deletionism: a protocol for sanity

A couple of events in the past few days have caused me to reflect - yet again - on the direction we're headed with regard to deletion on Stack Overflow and Stack Exchange. First, a moderator on one of ...
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We need to be a little less hostile

I've noticed a distressing tendency for questions that seem basic or overly short to be immediately closed and downvoted into oblivion. Case in point: How can I tell if a DOM object is out of the ...
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Stack Exchange Glossary - Dictionary of Commonly-Used Terms

What are the common phrases, words, abbreviations that are used on Stack Overflow, Server Fault, Super User, Meta Stack Overflow, and the other Stack Exchange sites? This is meant to be a very quick ...
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What aspects of psychology does Stack Overflow take advantage of?

I think it's interesting the way Stack Overflow has garnered such a following. I think that the success of Stack Overflow has a lot to do with how Stack Overflow is taking advantage of how people ...
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What's the feeling of having more than 10k points of rep?

Do you still talk to people normally? Do you plan to donate all after you're gone? What are some common pitfalls that a normal user has before achieving such status?
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Why can the senior Stack Overflow community be hostile toward newbie questions? [duplicate]

What I can't understand is why the Stack Overflow senior community is hostile to newbies. As much as I try to research my questions before asking and editing them well I always seem to get ...
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Since when is spoonfeeding not allowed? [closed]

I've probably missed some great debates in here, but I want a status report. What has happened with our rules over the past half a year in here? Spoonfeeding was always encouraged in here, as far as ...
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Answers with insults

I asked this question, and got some decent help in the comments. Unfortunately, that help came with a slew of insults hurled at me. Whenever I ask a question, I try really hard not to be wasting ...
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