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Can staff please post an answer upon tagging a question as [status-completed]?

Related: Remove questions with moderator tags from the Unanswered list (2011) We currently have 425 wholly-unanswered questions marked status-completed. This is a problem for three reasons: Answers ...
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Temporary bug allowing moderators to see individual votes from all users

Moderators can see individual votes from all users on their site right now, i.e. what you see here for your own account. While this does make it easier for use to find voting rings that managed to ...
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Do I automatically follow (edits, comments, etc) to wiki answers I've made that I later made community wiki? [duplicate]

I think I remember a few times some of my CW answers were edited but I wasn't notified. Not sure. But I guess since there isn't a 'follow' button below such answers, I still do follow them? If this is ...
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Allow tag changes to notify when following a post

When a post is followed, and an edit only changes a tag, say status-review → status-declined, no notification is sent to the post follower. This may have to do with the threshold for edits ...
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Please notify authors (and followers) of more edits [duplicate]

Currently, when an edit is made to a post, the author (and followers) of the post get notified only if it's considered "substantive", which is determined based on the criteria mentioned in ...
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How can I follow my own post? [duplicate]

I posted a security-related answer here on Stack Overflow, and I'd like to know if someone edits any part of it, not just the code. How can I do that? Is it even possible? I looked at both pages of ...
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Edits to question titles don't seem to be sending an inbox notification to the author anymore

This morning, one of my posts was edited but I wasn't notified. It's 51 characters so I think it's substantive enough (I've received notifications for smaller edits), so I was wondering whether it was ...
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Notification when a trivial edit is made on my post

Currently, a user does not get any notification when a trivial edit (less than 6 characters, by a user who has the edit privilege) is made on one of his/her posts. As in this example. Even though the ...
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Why am I not notified for edits on answers and posts? [duplicate]

There's a question I answered some time ago (about 2 weeks) and now I see there were some edits introduced a week ago by another person to the question and to my answer. Why am I not notified of these ...
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No notification when somebody edits the title of your question

I didn't get an inbox notification for this edit, even though title edits are substantive and you should get an inbox notification for substantive edits by other users to your posts. I've retested ...
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What should I do when I notice posts with images hosted on suspicious non-Imgur domains?

The two main issues with posts containing images hosted on non- domains are: Link rot. Potential spam — in case the hoster replaces the images with advertisements. There are ...
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What kind of edits of my posts by other users do not trigger an inbox notification? [duplicate]

I notice that not all edits of my posts trigger an inbox notification. I know that when the edit only contains a tag manipulation, then it doesn't trigger an inbox notification. But it seems there is ...
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No notification when someone with gold badge edits my question or answer

I recently asked in the Meta about some edits made to my questions and answers where I wasn't notified in my inbox. To test the "theory", I asked someone with a gold badge in a tag ...
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When am I notified of edits on my posts? [duplicate]

I know that I'm always notified of suggested edits on my post, I also remember being notified of an edit on my answer by a 2ker and other times, but I don't know which are the triggers of the later. ...
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Why do I get notifications if one of my questions is edited?

It's been some months since the last time I was around on the community so I'm still updating. Today I got a notification that one of my questions was edited, I checked it, everything was fine and ...

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