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Why am I not notified for edits on answers and posts? [duplicate]

There's a question I answered some time ago (about 2 weeks) and now I see there were some edits introduced a week ago by another person to the question and to my answer. Why am I not notified of these ...
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Allow tag changes to notify when following a post

When a post is followed, and an edit only changes a tag, say status-review → status-declined, no notification is sent to the post follower. This may have to do with the threshold for edits ...
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Can we make "non-substantive" edits fall off the front page faster than new questions?

I know that requests for a "minor edit" option come up all the time and are routinely rejected, and for good reasons. (Details can be seen, among other places, at Could we have the ability to mark a ...
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Why do I get notifications if one of my questions is edited?

It's been some months since the last time I was around on the community so I'm still updating. Today I got a notification that one of my questions was edited, I checked it, everything was fine and ...
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Please notify authors (and followers) of more edits [duplicate]

Currently, when an edit is made to a post, the author (and followers) of the post get notified only if it's considered "substantive", which is determined based on the criteria mentioned in ...
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Do I automatically follow (edits, comments, etc) to wiki answers I've made that I later made community wiki? [duplicate]

I think I remember a few times some of my CW answers were edited but I wasn't notified. Not sure. But I guess since there isn't a 'follow' button below such answers, I still do follow them? If this is ...
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