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Noob questions, simple answers, and big rep points [duplicate]

I struggle to pick up rep points even when answering questions and giving good demos of code via a pastebin - sometimes spending 15 mins+. Then, along comes a noob question, for instance What does $ ...
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Diminishing returns / non-linear reputation from “great” answers

Over time I realized a very annoying property of the Stack Overflow reputation system: Easy answers to popular question are rewarded with a lot more reputation points than actually great answers. In ...
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Points system favours helping beginners [duplicate]

I'm not really sure if there is a solution to this but it strikes me that 90% of the time you are going to get most of your points by answering questions from beginners. These tend to get mass ...
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Maximum reputation for each question or answer [duplicate]

I have seen many simple questions (and even answers) with a very large amount of up-votes. Is it a good idea to give so much reputation just for a very simple question or answer which is just because ...
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Is the problem of "drive-by-voting" more general than HNQs? [duplicate]

I think this is not an unusual situation for many Stack Exchange users: I might have a beginners' question concerning some area I am not familiar with, for example, about JavaScript, SQL, sed, ... (to ...
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Questions with little research are very highly upvoted [duplicate]

For a long time, each vote for a question gave you only 5 rep because if you have a question, do no research on it, then put it on a Stack Exchange site (especially Stack Overflow) and it's a ...
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Tag badges - high relative effort for low reward on low traffic tags [duplicate]

This is a mild annoyance for me. I answer SO questions inside a very specific area. The tags which I answer in the most are very low traffic, and yet I still require 100 up-votes for a bronze badge. ...
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Arbitrary behaviour of community via upvoting low quality questions and downvoting better questions [duplicate]

A while back I saw a question (Q1) about why the unix command cat was called that and what was the use when you could simply use vim. Question was well received and upvoted, but the actual reaction ...
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Why there are so many upvotes for a simple answer? [duplicate]

I am a regular user of stack-overflow, i have seen members up voting small answers which takes minimum amount of time to identify the problem and solved, whereas the answers which took lot of effort ...
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Harder question, when missing an expert are far less treated, even if they are "good" questions [duplicate]

Easy question are answered quite quickly, there's a small competition on them, to get easy reputation points... But these will usually get zero score. Better questions, which are usually harder, get ...
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The bikeshed problem and Stack Exchange

In short, the bikeshed problem: If you go before the Board of Directors and ask for 1.5 billion dollars to build a nuclear reactor, no one will review or discuss the details of the plant. ...
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Is the fastest gun in the west solved?

Is the fastest gun in the west problem solved? Is it really a problem?
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Old timer's luck vs Newcomer's work

Once in a while I stumble on some question or answer with HUGE amount of upvotes (thousands for a question and multiple hundreds for an answer). Here is the perfect example: How to modify existing, ...
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I think I have too much reputation: nearly all of it comes from one quickly-fired-off answer

About a year ago, I answered this question. And lots of people seem to like it. But it seems strange to me that so much of my reputation comes from just this one answer. I get 10-30 reputation per ...
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Is reputation really about how hard you try to help or sit back and relax for few years after providing just one answer?

I'm new to the site. Today I came across this account. 0 posts edited 0 helpful flags 0 votes cast 0 questions 1 answer(426 upvotes) 4,261 Reputation 2 gold 8 silver 2 bronze top 9% ...
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