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Improve search functionality [duplicate]

Possible Duplicates: Related questions in “Ask Question” page is better than search tool Search for SO questions by words in the title is failing (purpose: trying to find question ...
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Why does search for a question produce worse results than trying to ask a question when using stackoverflow? [duplicate]

For about a year now, I have done most of my SO searching using the "Ask Question" button rather than search bar. Case in point, this question: How do I turn off this highlighting for HTML in ...
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Searching for similar questions [duplicate]

Basically, I do not want to post duplicate questions, so I always do a search in the top right hand first, sometimes I learn a lot and spend about 30 minutes+ reading up on similar results that are ...
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"Questions with similar titles" in "Ask Question" works better than actual search [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Related questions in “Ask Question” page is better than search tool Please someone explain me why "Questions with similar titles" in "Ask Question" page works ...
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Enhance search on site feature [duplicate]

This search returns zero results. Just include the duplicate suggestions behavior in that as an option
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Why is asking a question often the best way to find a question? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Related questions in “Ask Question” page is better than search tool The following series of events happened to me today for about the 100th time: I have a ...
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Need a solution for search results vs. similar questions results [duplicate]

I have wasted my time because of SO. I don’t say that lightly because I am a big fan of the SO model and the help I have received here. Please bear with me on the long post. A Common Scenario I had a ...
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Similar question search works better than actual search [duplicate]

I wanted to open a question titled "What's the best SQLite Cocoa library?". The suggestions told me that the question might be closed for being subjective, but also suggested some similar questions. ...
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Can we have a 'magic' search as good as the duplicate detection? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Related questions in “Ask Question” page is better than search tool I often find myself typing a question with no intention of submitting it, because I'm sure it's ...
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Can the 'search' work as well as the new question subject line [duplicate]

The new question subject line seems to be more effective than the search for finding relevant questions. I will often search and then think that there's not a question, write it out in vim, copy into ...
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How are "related" questions selected?

For almost every question there's a list of "related" questions on the right. How are those questions selected? Is it based solely on tags? Can I do anything if I see a question on the list that is ...
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It's easier to ask a new question than find an old one. Does that mean search is broken?

Search is broken. Well ok: It's frustrating. I see other people doing it and think "jeez, that's lazy" then after trying a bunch of search terms without much joy, figure, well the quickest way is ...
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Is it too hard to locate duplicate questions?

I've had two questions closed now for being duplicate questions. In the first case, none of the words I used in my question showed up in the other question (they talked about "visiting the site each ...
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Issues with question suggestion and search algorithm differences

This question was closed as a duplicate, and the asker said that the suggested question didn't show up in the Related Questions when he asked. So of course I had to try this myself. I copy/pasted the ...
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Are there examples of searching better?

I’m getting my questions marked as duplicates even though I start a question, look through the suggestions, and can’t find anything close to what I want. Yet I post the question and somebody has found ...
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