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Quick answer/question editing? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Is there a grace period for correction of edits? Oftentimes, I need to edit my question or answer because of a spelling mistake, a typo, etc. I find it handy how comments can ...
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Do some edits not show up in the revision history? [duplicate]

I made a comment to this answer when it was just a couple minutes old. A few minutes later it had changed (at least I am very, very sure about that), invalidating my comment. The odd thing is that no "...
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Are edits to answers ever grouped together? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Is there a grace period for correction of edits? I understant that editing one's answer > 10 times results in the answer becoming a community wiki. Is it possible that "quick-...
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If I let ChatGPT improve a post of mine linguistically, does that count as "AI generated content"?

As a non-native English speaker, I am often a little bit unsure about grammar, wording, or phrasing of my posts. Ignoring the fact that this might be hard to detect by others: if I ask an LLM like ...
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Addressing users who make many trivial edits

I've seen a case on a site currently in beta where a single user is perhaps editing too much. I obviously don't want to name names or call someone out here, so I won't be too detailed. The edits are ...
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Undo answer edit

I edited an answer and saved it. Then I realized my change was based on my own mis-conceptions about the answer. Now, I can't undo the edit because when I edit it again and undo the changes it says: ...
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I edit my answers a lot. How can I prevent myself from forfeiting credit due to "community wiki"?

I make a lot of edits to my posts, as I tend to answer, edit for grammar, and then refine it as I do more research. It's simply my style of learning while also answering. My posts are almost all very ...
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Drastic answer manipulation before deletion

Important note: This question was based on false assumption that revision history is inaccessible for all deleted answers. It turns out that this is not true and that many apparently edited deleted ...
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If an answer is edited will the "Edited at XXXX" notice always be shown?

In the answers to this question: How can I change the view outside the main thread? One poster felt that another had copied his answer. He claimed that the alleged copied answer had been edited, but ...
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Is it possible to view all of the edits to an answer post?

As the title says, is it possible to view all of the changes made to an answer post? I have found that clicking on the time stamp of the edit shows a view of an edit. Is this only the latest edit or ...
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To give each edit own version history [closed]

I read VonC's answer to my question right from its publication. He edited his answer about 5 minutes after his first edit. The version control system makes it very hard to see what has been changed ...
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Definition of "edited" for triggering community-wiki state

Today I encountered an interesting situation. I tend to write with a lot of typos and sometimes use awkward phrasing, which I later edit. After rewriting an older answer (too bring it up-to-date with ...
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After my question is downvoted and edited will it still reach users? [duplicate]

Say that I have asked a question on MSE and then it is downvoted, after I edit it to form a better question will my question move up the queue of questions so that people can read it again and upvote ...
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Editing - possible race condition [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Provide indicator that another user is editing a post A scenario that has occurred a few times is that someone edits an answer while the same answer is already being edited (e....
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Possible bug with edit submission [duplicate]

I proposed an edit on this question, and my edit was rejected. I'm not contesting the rejection, but something appears screwy. When I first saw the question, there was no code formatting. So I ...
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