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Cheated audit with faked tags? [duplicate]

I've failed this audit on this question. The problem is I've seen in my audit window something else as there actually is. The question in audit had javascript tag, while actually it has no such tag, ...
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Review Queue Filter Doesn't Seem to be Filtering Good [duplicate]

So I was trying to do my duty and review some stuff, but I'm not exactly the most knowledgeable in the realm of programming. So I figured I would filter the review list to get questions I could answer....
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Audit Questions drive me crazy [duplicate]

Every time I get an audit question it drives me crazy. Can we please ensure that the audit questions have the same correct tags as my filter? Previously you used to get a question that had the ...
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Audits doesn't take into consideration the filter [duplicate]

I was reviewing "First Posts" queue with "answers" filter, and a wild question appeared: This way is very easy to detect some audits.
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Review audit ignores closereason filter [duplicate]

I think there is a small loophole in review audits. It basically ignores closereason filter which I've selected. For example when I'm selecting filter only duplicates (or any other), the audit will ...
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Audits contain other tags when filtering close reviews [duplicate]

When you place a filter on the close review queue and a review audit is placed, the question will almost always be for a different language entirely (for example I filter for javascript and I get a ...
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Tag filter on close vote reviews includes incorrect articles [duplicate]

I have a filter set on my close vote review list of [vb6] [inno-setup] which correctly filters the list of possible posts. Most of the time. Occasionally however, I will get a post that seems to be ...
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Filtering to Duplicates makes Close-Votes Queue a Haven for Robo-Reviewers

I recently started filtering to duplicates in the close votes queue and I've noticed that every review will always have a Duplicate tab allowing you to tab between the question and proposed duplicate. ...
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Filtered Review Queue doesn't show any audits

In the last 3 days I have only been reviewing a filtered review queue. That's 120 reviews without a single audit.
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Incorrect syntax highlight in review audit

Today I found a review audit that apparently had incorrect syntax highlight. To me this seemed like a rare case so I decided to post it here as a possible bug or support question. This is the review ...
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Review audit honeypot messes with tags; leads to wrong comments left

This question showed up in the close review queue for C++: I was leaving a comment as to the inappropriateness of the c++ tag for this question, when I went to the question and found this: The ...
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Audit in review queue contains questions closed based on obsolete closing reasons

I just missed an audit while going through the First Post review: How to make a certain element in a website (img, div…) appear at a certain time? [closed] For exemple, I have a list of ...
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dispute review audit [duplicate]

I have just failed a review audit and was told that this question did not have any problem. To my understanding of the SO asking rules, that question is not actually on an implementation problem, but ...
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Don't fail my audit just because I clicked Close [duplicate]

So today I failed my first review audit. I had gone to close questions specifically filtered with sql-server-2008 and, when this question popped up, I clicked Close simply to see why others might have ...
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When reviewing queue tagged by ``[tag]`` test question should be honestly related to the tag

When I'm reviewing close queue by tag (python) but thats irrevelant sometimes I get questions that are not related to python at all, but are tagged python. Obvious solution would be to edit them to ...
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