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Have Stack Overflow automatically suggest tags [duplicate]

Why doesn't Stack Overflow automatically suggest tags? Stack Overflow can already find questions similar to mine. If most of those similar questions have the same tags, why not put automatically ...
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While asking new question, what is the criteria for a tag to become visible as 'suggested tag'? [duplicate]

I have recently wrote a few questions for Gerrit code review system and with each question being written, I could clearly see, that only git tag appears among suggested tags: The gerrit tag has ...
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Feedback requested: Similar Questions displayed in sidebar on /ask

In order to help people find duplicate questions as they ask, we are now showing Similar Questions in the right hand sidebar on the /ask page. This is deployed to all sites right now. Here's how it ...
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Automatically determine tags while writing a question

Can we modify "Ask question" to automatically suggests tags based on your question content. So instead that user needs to type "team-foundation-server" or "TFS" or "TeamFoundationServer" he will see ...
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Provide an easy way (or link) to browse to the tags page from the Ask a Question page

I joined a new site, and realized there's no easy way to "browse" the tags page from the Ask a Question page. The usual tag select box has its useful autocomplete, but it requires me to ...
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Required tags not even shown among (or next to) suggested tags

Can you spot the irony in this screenshot: At least one of those given tags is required and none of them was even shown as suggested. EDIT: here's a proposal for UI improvement, don't take it too ...
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Don't suggest tags that a question has already been tagged with

Related to When tagging a question, don't suggest tags that are already added, but that is on the auto-complete in the tag box. When writing this question I got the following: I like that ...
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Select and Display 'Suggested Tags' for All Posts Based on Related Questions (or other logic) [duplicate]

Tags should be suggested based on related questions When you start typing a title, you get a bunch of related questions: When you click in the tag space however, you don't get any suggestions (save ...
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On which sites are suggested tags currently enabled?

There is a feature called suggested tags where the software suggests some additional tags depending on what is already written. Originally I thought that they are only enabled on Stack Overflow, SO ...
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Show suggested tags when editing

When authoring a meta question, the site will suggest some tags to use based on the content of the question. Can we enable that functionality when editing questions too?
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