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Changing the filter in the close vote queue doesn't work when having gotten there through a link

Using a direct link to the close vote with filters, as presented in Allow direct linking to a filtered /review queue... Trying to use "filter" when on that page doesn't work at all. Can we either ...
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Filter review queues based on favorite tags and auto ignore the filter if it doesn't return any results

It's easier for me to review posts that are tagged with one of my favorite tags, because I am more likely able to decide the correct action for the review task. Therefore I think that reviewing could ...
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Filter [review Close Votes] to the tags I marked interesting [duplicate]

The number of open close votes just reached over 100k and I've never seen it go down before. I tried a number of those, but a lot are about subjects I don't understand (for me that would eg be python, ...
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