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When I offer a bounty, I don't see upvote notifications [duplicate]

When I get an upvote, I get a green bubble: These can merge to show total rep across all the sites: That shows that I got + 40 and -1 (I downvoted). This however, doesn't exist: You don't get ...
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Help us identify micro-privileges for top users

Are you familiar with tapas? These are little appetizers invented in Spain that people enjoy while talking and drinking in the cool of the evening. What makes them so great is that you get a ...
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Make voting activity on your posts available on site metas (what you would get from rep if metas had rep)

Child metas don't have rep, so there's no point in tracking a rep stat or reporting changes. But one of the things rep updates do on main sites is to alert me when there's activity on older posts. ...
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Display lost/negative reputation in topbar achievements

When you get reputation, you get a +X green spot on your reputation feed telling you that you gained reputation and if you drop down the menu, you get more detail. How about we make it that when you ...
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Is receiving the association bonus really a top-bar-worthy achievement?

I just dropped by Meta SO, and was very surprised to see a big "+200" sitting in my achievements in-tray: It had only been about an hour since I last visited Meta, so I really didn't expect such ...
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New Rep indicator stops when having negative score

Today I gave a bounty of 500 rep to this question. This results of course in a negative score for today. Since then I don't get any more notifications for new rep in the new top-bar on meta. Only ...
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Deleted downvotes should appear in Achievements dialog

"Good morning. Here is something awesome that you got last night!", said the Top Bar: "21? That must be two answer upvotes and, um, an answer that I downvoted that was deleted?", I thought. Ok, ...
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Why do reputation drops not highlight the Achievements icon?

The "Recent achievements" icon doesn't highlight when one only has recent reputation losses. I'd like it to highlight whenever my reputation changes, positive or negative - in fact I'd ...
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Always show rep lost when downvoting an answer in achievements badging

The "badging" I refer to in the title is the little enclosed number that shows how much rep you gained since you last opened the drop-down. Nothing to do with bronze/silver/gold "badges". In the ...
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Why are the green/red +/-N delta-rep notifications (due to votes on my posts) turned off until a -N bounty is surpassed?

On one SE site I'm often in a situation where I've just started a +100 bounty. The -100 deduction stops those green and red +5 and -5notifications due to votes on my posts from appearing in the top ...
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14 badge notifications without receiving the badge [duplicate]

This post just received a couple upvotes, bringing it to 10. I just got 14 badge notifications for this post. However, it doesn't even show up once in my list of badges.
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