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How do you logout of Stack Overflow? [duplicate]

How do you log out of Stack Overflow? There isn't any logout button.
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New top bar doesn't show hot threads across Stack Exchange sites [duplicate]

Before today, I would visit Stack Overflow every day and click somewhere in the upper-left corner (I've forgotten what it said, and it's gone now!) and if I didn't have any notifications I would see a ...
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I do not get a logout option on Stack Overflow [duplicate]

I use Firefox ESR 24.2. I log in to Stack Overflow using the Yahoo login. Previously, I used to get a logout option after logging in. Nowadays I do not get a logout option. What should I do? Is ...
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Where is the section with the top questions? [duplicate]

I like some of the changes in the new stackoverflow/stackexchange site but I miss the section with the top questions (when you clicked on the stackexchange name) - it was like my morning newspaper! ...
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How can I see how many votes I have left for the day? [duplicate]

Stack Overflow updated the view (the header link). In the past, I have seen my total votes for the day, week and remaining votes by clicking the arrow nearest to my username. But in the new look I'm ...
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Where did the hot questions go? [duplicate]

Before the SE topbar was implemented, there was a hottest-questions-across-the-network feature I was quite fond of. Where did this feature go? Was it completely wiped out? I'm sad to see it go.
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Where are "notifications" in the new topbar-design? [duplicate]

I cannot find the good old "notifications"-section in the new...lets say layout. Is it just scapped, does it have a new location or am I just missing something obvious? To be clear : It is the ...
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Where is the Votes panel? [duplicate]

Before the panel was visible how many votes I used pure per day near avatar. Tell me where it went and how it can cause. Votes may limit removed? Previously, it was 40.
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How to enter to chat section [duplicate]

I want to discuss my technical and coding related problems with users on stackoverflow. How can I chat with individual user to discuss my problem?
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How do I logout from the new Stack Overflow? [duplicate]

I tried to click on my use picture (up bar), but a menu was not opened as it used to be. How can I logout from the new Stack Overflow site?
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Is the feature to view interesting new questions on other sites discontinued? [duplicate]

Until a few days ago when the top bar was redesigned, there was a useful feature to quickly view interesting new questions on the other SE sites. It provided (at least for me) a good opportunity to ...
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List of trending/popular questions gone? [duplicate]

In the new interface I don't see where the listing of popular questions from all Stack Exchange sites has gone. Has it been moved or is it no longer available? If the latter, why?
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Why are StackExchange "hot questions" now invisible? [duplicate]

I used to click on "Hot Questions" in the top bar as I am fond of them. But I cannot do that now ever since the top bar was redesigned. I now have to visit
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In this new menu, where can I get to the list of my privileges? [duplicate]

In this new menu, where can I get to the list of my privileges, it used to be up on top on the old menu.
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Why do I need 50 reputation to comment? What can I do instead?

Users with less than 50 reputation points cannot write comments on questions and answers that they don't own. Why does this limit exist? But I want to contribute now. What should I do instead? But I ...

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