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Why do I need 50 reputation to comment? What can I do instead?

Users with less than 50 reputation points cannot write comments on questions and answers that they don't own. Why does this limit exist? But I want to contribute now. What should I do instead? But I ...
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Stack Exchange sites need a universal clock that is visible!

Since the Stack Exchange sites run on one clock, and a clock that is not common to most of us (such as those of us in the US), can we display a clock with the site time (UTC) displayed somewhere on ...
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Logout link now missing

The logout link is now missing for Stack Overflow as well as meta. Haven't check out the other sites. Any particular issue here?
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New top bar doesn't show hot threads across Stack Exchange sites [duplicate]

Before today, I would visit Stack Overflow every day and click somewhere in the upper-left corner (I've forgotten what it said, and it's gone now!) and if I didn't have any notifications I would see a ...
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How do you logout of Stack Overflow? [duplicate]

How do you log out of Stack Overflow? There isn't any logout button.
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Add new top bar to chat rooms

Now that we have a shiny new top bar, have there been any changes in plans to make it visible in the chat rooms? The responses in old threads I've found seem to defer or decline the option due to ...
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"privileges" links on child metas should point to the main site's /help/privileges page

As of a couple months back, a link to /help/privileges can be found on your profile page: This is a problem for child meta sites, since privileges there are (mostly) inherited from the main site. As ...
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Understanding the significance of the elimination of one-click transfer between main and meta

With the recent introduction of the new top bar on SO, I thought I'd ask why all the fuss over the elimination of the meta/main links. Why are some people so upset about a little extra effort to ...
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My user name changed to `userXXXXX` [duplicate]

I just noticed that my user name is no longer then same, As recently as a few months ago, my user name was bonaca, but now it is user182196. Because I can't see my user name in the new topbar ...
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Top bar privileges link?

I think that a link for privileges should be put into the new top bar. It's really useful for new people. Maybe under 'help' would be a good place for it.
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I do not get a logout option on Stack Overflow [duplicate]

I use Firefox ESR 24.2. I log in to Stack Overflow using the Yahoo login. Previously, I used to get a logout option after logging in. Nowadays I do not get a logout option. What should I do? Is ...
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Where did the hot questions go? [duplicate]

Before the SE topbar was implemented, there was a hottest-questions-across-the-network feature I was quite fond of. Where did this feature go? Was it completely wiped out? I'm sad to see it go.
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Where is the section with the top questions? [duplicate]

I like some of the changes in the new stackoverflow/stackexchange site but I miss the section with the top questions (when you clicked on the stackexchange name) - it was like my morning newspaper! ...
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How to enter to chat section [duplicate]

I want to discuss my technical and coding related problems with users on stackoverflow. How can I chat with individual user to discuss my problem?
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How can I see how many votes I have left for the day? [duplicate]

Stack Overflow updated the view (the header link). In the past, I have seen my total votes for the day, week and remaining votes by clicking the arrow nearest to my username. But in the new look I'm ...
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