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How can I encourage Stack Overflow to rein in the 'subjective' vigilantes? [closed]

I'm on SO pretty much every day researching something to do with programming, and over the last month or two, I find I'm growing frustrated and a little disgusted at how many interesting questions ...
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Please stop using SoftwareEngineering.SE as your toilet bowl [closed]

Stack Overflow users have been using the "off topic - belongs on SoftwareEngineering.SE" close reason as an alternative to all the other close reasons. It'd be helpful if people actually read the FAQ ...
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Give each site a parallel site for polling, recommendations and subjective-ish stuff

Stuff like polls, recommendations based on subjective constraints, puzzles, webcomics etc. do not belong on the serious main SE sites, where professionals should be considered at work and having just ...
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How to ask a smart question

The title of the oldest revision of this SO question is, "Is it posible [sic]?" This doesn't provide any information at all. It should be mandatory for everyone asking questions on the Internet to ...
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Subjective stackoverflow [duplicate]

The concept of stackoverflow is nice. It is great Q&A site on programming where anyone can answer. The main problem I see is that certain questions are looking for subjective answers and are being ...
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What happened to "off topic - belongs on programmers"?

I just flagged a question that was off topic, that should really be on programmers. It was not listed as a choice.
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Propose Newbie-Overflow site or section [closed]

Because the perl section is looking like that right now. I believe that Stack Overflow is going out of it's charter in becoming a newbie FAQ when as far as the original reasoning it was meant to be ...
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What do you think of an SO for Beginners, only? [duplicate]

SO has helped me so much in times of need. It is crazy - sometimes I am having a huge issue with a program I'm working on at school or work, and I post it on SO and the answers come quickly and easily....
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why are the best questions the ones which have been closed? [duplicate]

I frequently come across a really useful answer on StackOverflow which has been closed because it doesn't match the Q&A format. Examples include JPA Implementations - Which one is the best to ...
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Stack exchange for programming beginners? [duplicate]

I am just learning how to program, and I have been using Stack Exchange. I think it is a fantastic idea for a website, and I think the moderations helps the community as a whole. However, for ...
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Broad questions not deemed fit for Q&A format [duplicate]

Many questions get closed on Stack Overflow for having a broad scope or being subjective in nature - often with the motivation that these questions are not fit for the Q&A format. Examples: The ...
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