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Reverse engineer Gravatar to email [duplicate]

Possible Duplicates: Is using Gravatar a security risk? Is Gravatar a privacy risk? Since the Gravatar is generated based on the email address. Is it possible to determine a user's email ...
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Is Gravatar a privacy risk?

I ran across the comment below at about Gravatar. I'm particularly curious of Meta Stack Overflow's ...
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Can we use non-gravatar avatars?

Alternative to Gravatar has been rolled out. It would be nice to have the option to just upload an avatar rather than have to use some external service like gravatar. While gravatar may be ...
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Someone contacted me by email but my email is not public

Last week I got an email to my email address saying "I saw on Stack Overflow that you were interested in.." and the content of the question I asked. The email suggested I'll star a bug \ feature ...
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Support disabling Gravatar on Stack Overflow

I like to use my Gravatar on other websites but not Stack Overflow. How can I turn it off? I'd still like to use the same email address.
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What happened to Startups SE?

I really enjoyed that site. I've only posted on it once, but I enjoyed seeing other people's posts and appreciated reading about entrepreneurial dilemmas.
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Spam from T&C Vectors: Jeff, please protect our email addresses from Spambots

I do have an email address in my profile, however its a png (safe from 99% of spambots). The profile page promises never to publicly show my email adress too, but only use it for gravatar. The ...
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Is this moderator's suggestion a breach of the Stack Exchange privacy policy?

Stack Exchange's privacy policy I was bumbling about on Stack Exchange site Physics' meta area and saw this thread started by a Physics moderator who went on to suggest (in the thread) using ...
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I changed my Stack Overflow account email address. Suddenly, my username and photo changed too

I was recently laid off from my company. I changed my Stack Overflow account's email address from my work email to my personal email. Upon doing this, my username, which was "Umbrella_Programmer," ...
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Is it a problem that 10% of SO emails tried were guessed by using the username and Gravatar account?

A recent Slashdot article speaks about how somebody was able to discover the email addresses of 10% of SO users through the username and Gravatar system.
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Email spam mentioning stackoverflow profile

I received an interesting email this morning that appears to me to be spam: Hello , I came across your profie in ( and I will like us to have a goodrelationship and to ...
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Profile Gravatar get change

Do not know whether someone else observe it or not but today I found my profile Gravatar changed. It is now different than earlier I have. Is it because today I have updated my profile information? ...
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(How) should I report someone abusing data from Stack Exchange for spam?

Disclaimer: the email below has turned out to be from the person signed below it The general question in title still stands. So I got this spam from Gmail address address removed since it turned to ...
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How does SO calculate email hash?

I'm not sure how sensitive this piece of information is considered (don't throw stones), but I was wondering how SO calculates the email hash. We want to check if certain people for which we have the ...
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Let people know they can use a safer Gravatar identicon on these sites

Since some time, new users and users who change their profile image, get a salt added to their email address when they want to use an automatically generated Gravatar identicon. Great! With the ...
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