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Why not perma-ban instead of suspend an account for 275 years? [duplicate]

I know there are a lot of questions about very long suspension periods, but I came across a case that is quite perplexing. This user had many offenses to earn his long ban, despite being a very ...
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Could network-wide suspensions last longer than 10 years? [duplicate]

The dupe candidate deals about suspensions in general, the essential part of this question is the increase of the network-wide suspension length from 10 years to 30. The answer to the question has ...
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Could underage users just be suspended until of age?

We had a user who as far as we can tell on, was deleted on Puzzling for being underage, and so all their accounts were removed. They were an incredibly useful user on Travel, and if they ...
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Prevent accounts that are suspended network-wide from creating more site profiles

Once in a while someone misbehaves on multiple sites at the same time, usually by posting spam or offensive content. We have the ability to apply a network-wide suspension in those cases and it is ...
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Account "*temporarily* suspended" network-wide for the next 10 years, and cannot chat for 3 centuries?

Ron Maimon has his account "temporarily suspended" network-wide, as stated in one of his profiles: This account is temporarily suspended network-wide. The suspension period ends on Aug 8 '...
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Please allow moderators to apply real permanent review suspensions

As users are now inbox-notified for each review suspension, there is now one edge case that may cause confusion to users -- Background On Stack Overflow, we have users1 who have over 50 previous ...
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Title and tags do not show up while editing a moderator edited question [duplicate]

The following post was edited by a moderator: How long can a temporary suspension be? Attempting to edit the post opens it up without the title and the tags. The revision history of the post can be ...
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