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Mobile App: Stack Exchange iOS App version Does anyone else have a discrepancy between their Tag Tallies when looking in the web (my profile): as compared to my profile in the ...
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Tag info is completely wrong in app [duplicate]

The numbers in the app and the main site are not the same. (Both on MSO) Main : App :
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Android App and Site shows different points [duplicate]

SE mobile app shows wrong tag points whereas mobile and desktop site shows correct points. SE app for android Javascript tag have 79 points (wrong) SE site Javascript tag have 92 points (...
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Why is there a difference between the badge votes on the Stack Exchange Android app and desktop Stack Overflow page [duplicate]

I notice that the Android Stack Exchange app shows my SO python and pandas tags have upvote scores of 111 and 103 respectively but via my desktop browser it shows that I have 108 and 100 respectively. ...
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Top tags are different between mobile app and site [duplicate]

I was looking at my profile on the iOS mobile app for Arqade, and I noticed that my top tag showed a score of 110. However, I went and checked my profile on the site using my desktop, and it shows ...
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Profile: top tags numbers are inconsistent [duplicate]

On the website, the top tags number only shows your answer score, whereas on the apps it shows the combined score of questions+answers. This is pretty confusing.
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App."Top Tags" != Website.Tags [duplicate]

On the user profile of the Android app, the profile page has a field for Top Tags which is visually similar to the Tags field on the user profiles of the website. But, surprisingly, thats as far as ...
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Why does the SE Web app and Android app display different scores for Tags? [duplicate]

How come the Android app displays total score for tags, whereas the Web App displays total score for answers (SO & Politics.SE)? Web: Android: This isn't a question regarding the calculation ...
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Stack Exchange iOS app - Badge reputation difference between site and app [duplicate]

When I go on my profile, I've got different reputation badge than on the application. For example , on the site, for the iOS tag, I've got 59, but on the iOS app, I've got 72 Website profile : ...
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Stack Exchange app and web version - tag score discrepancy [duplicate]

While checking out the Stack Exchange app on Android, I noticed a discrepancy in the score in one of my tags (c#) on Stack Overflow. On the web, my score is 322: In the app, my score is 336: I don'...
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Total Score of TopTags in AndroidApp does not match [duplicate]

I have noticed that the score of Top Tags in the Android App does not match the score on my profile. As an example does my Profile say that I have a score of 806 in the c#, while the Android App ...
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What do the numbers to the left and right of my tags mean?

I looked at my tags section and saw two numbers without an explanation. I'm guessing one of these is tag score, and that is what I'm looking for to see my progress towards a tag badge. Is there an ...
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Question Score not included in Tag Badges

I first realised that the tag count on android is different than on the website. This is due to the fact that the app shows both the answer & question score of a badge. Then I checked the badge ...
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Tag score in app should be for answers only

When viewing tag counts in my profile, I get different numbers in the app than I do on the website. I gather that this behaviour is intentional and not a bug. Given that answer score is the measure ...
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