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Displaying LaTeX in comments [duplicate]

Would it be possible to display Latex in comments. Yesterday I posted a math question, which someone helpfully edited. They changed all occurrences of a^b to ab. Like two squared can be written 2 * 2 ...
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Stack Exchange Android app LaTeX not displayed correctly [duplicate]

Why doesn't the Stack Exchange Android app display LaTeX as mathematical formulas correctly instead of just showing the LaTeX code? It just shows the raw LaTeX code which doesn't help when trying to ...
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LaTeX support in Mobile Application [duplicate]

This could be seen either as a bug or a discussion point, but the long and short is: TeX is busted in the mobile application. I understand that it's a heavy requirement, but the support for TeX is ...
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Math equations not rendered in Android app [duplicate]

In Mathematics.SE, equations are not properly typeset in the Android SE app. It shows raw Latex format. Is there a solution to it?
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No mathjax in the app! [duplicate]

Math isn't rendered on my Galaxy Note II in Math.SE when I access it through the new Android app. Is this a bug or has it just not been implemented yet?
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LaTeX formula rendering [duplicate]

In the android app, looking at Math.SE, the formulas show up as raw (La)?TeX source. These should be rendered so they look look like pretty formulas: \int_a^b f'(x) dx = f(b) - f(a) should look like:...
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No LaTeX formulas in comments on the Android app [duplicate]

The LaTeX formulas look fine in the answers on the Android app, but they are not interpreted in the comments. Is it voluntary, or will it be corrected in the future?
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Please build in stylus-to-TeX input in the Android app [closed]

This is more of a long-term feature request, particularly in the light of the current disabled status of MathJax in the app, but I'd still like to ask for it now so that it (hopefully) gets considered ...
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Please add TeX rendering on the iOS app

This is the iOS call for TeX support analogous to this request for Android. That really says it all, but in case you need convincing that many posts on Physics and Math are nearly unreadable without ...
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MathJax borks in titles in Android app

See this screenshot: MathJax is now enabled for the Android app (yay!). However, it doesn't work in titles. Could this be fixified?
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Android app doesn't render LaTeX content in comments

I'm using the Stack Exchange app for Android. The app displays TeX formulas inside questions and answers as expected, but not in comments. Here it shows only the raw TeX code. I first noticed this ...
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Easier mechanism to display MathJax in comments

Prelude I am currently aware of the reason behind why the Android App does not allow rendering of MathJax in comments via with no explanation to indicate otherwise. This issue is a technical one that ...
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MathJax disabled in comments on android

As you can see above, It does not appear to be enabled in the comments. Android app version: 1.0.57 Android version: 4.1.2
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Latex not rendering in answers and questions on Android app for tablet

I have version 1.085 of the app, but latex is not displayed correctly (not even in the answer section).
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