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Low download speed bug

Whenever I use a 4G Internet connection and try to load a question or refresh my reputation or comments, when the dock bar on the right side of the screen appears, the download speed drops to almost ...
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Unable to join DBA Stack Exchange using Facebook?

I have been able to join here with the same process, and I am a member at penty of other Stack Exchange sites, but I cannot join DBA Stack Exchange (or its Meta) using the steps below:
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Where should I ask a question about an answer? [duplicate]

I have a question about an answer given by somebody on a question. How do I tag that person and ask my question regarding his answer? This is in Cryptography Exchange.
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Bug in Android App - Nav Drawer

The notifications navigation drawer on the right seems to close automatically when it detects a scroll down. Tested on a Samsung Galaxy S4 with 5.0 Android. The app version is: Version 1.0.89
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Why does the Search icon look weird on small screen widths? [duplicate]

On a small screen width, the search icon looks like this: In my opinion, the search button should look like all the other icons and not stand out as if it is 3D. I don't recall seeing this before, so ...
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View question while composing answer on Android app

Related: View question while composing an answer While writing answers, I feel it would be useful to see the question as well. It's great to make sure I can address all the concerns of a post. I ...
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What's considered "rude or abusive" on SE sites? [duplicate]

I've seen a few SO/SE posts or answers that are mildly rude, abusive, or snarky (criticizing the post author's work, etc). But I've never flagged any as rude or abusive simply because I don't know if ...
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Log In and Log Out simultaniously when guest recovers old account

I posted a few answers as guest, then recovered an old account. Trying to log in at the sign up or [log in] link at the bottom of a question page I was presented with the sign up form again (where I ...
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Where to ask for advice about how to store data for an application [duplicate]

I am looking to build a video chatroom app where users can create / join private chat rooms, and I would appreciate some advice on how to go about storing the chat data. Whenever a new user joins the ...
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Should meta be used for hypothetical problems?

A site that I'm active on sees a lot of meta posts for hypothetical problems. By hypothetical problems I mean that a problem hasn't actually occurred, but people want to find a solution to that ...
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Adding more info (up- downvotes) to activity feed

As Oded clarified, I should have posted this answer as a new feature request, so here goes. Currently, the activity feed in one's profile looks like this. ({user-profile}?tab=activities&sort=all) ...
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Rephrase low-quality-posts comment about “reputation required to comment” has an option to select a comment: This is commentary on another post, not an answer. “This does not provide an answer to the question. Once ...
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Feed showing only one question

I'm not sure if it's a bug, but the app is showing only one question in the feed. I hope it isn't much of a bother... App Version: Device: iPhone SE OS Version: Version 10.3.3 (Build 14G60) ...
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Log in Request Failed [duplicate]

On the Stack Exchange iOS app version, iOS 9.3.5 (old, I know, but it's the highest I can upgrade my iPhone 4s to), I am getting this error repeatedly when trying to log in with Google. I ...
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Add to help/privileges/comment link explaining why comments need higher reputation than answers

The question “Why do I need 50 reputation to comment?”  was raised many times (see duplicates of Why do I need 50 reputation to comment? What can I do instead? ). It will be useful on Comment ...
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