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Feature Request: Comments exist, but not for users with low rep [duplicate]

Edit Why my post is not a duplicate As commented, All I want is a feature to ask someone who posted a good answer to elaborate further. Because I can't do this, I don't have a solution when there's ...
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Why can't I comment until I get 50 reputation? [duplicate]

Why does Stack Overflow require a contributor to have 50 reputation points before allowing to comment? I wanted to answer a problem that many have in Visual Studio with performance but I can't add my ...
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Can't post feedback, but can post answers; or, how to address a problem with an existing answer? [duplicate]

I just created an SO account to offer some feedback to this answer to this question. Although I can apparently post a whole answer, or even edit others' answers (okay, it's moderated, but still), I ...
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Can I get commenting permission? [duplicate]

I know I don't have much rep on Super User, but I have on Ask Ubuntu. I found a post, Windows 10 Audio Headset Detection Issues. And I have some potential solutions for it. Can I get permission ...
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Unable to get clarification on Stackoverflow [duplicate]

I note in the "questions that may already have your answer" section that 22 others have asked similar questions i.e. why can't new members comment. I read many of them. I understand your ...
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Why can't I comment back when my question has been commented by others? [duplicate]

After asking a question in Earth Science using a guest account, I have signed up using the verification link in my mailbox. But now logging into the same mail, I cannot comment back on a comment asked ...
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Should all users be able to comment? [duplicate]

To comment, one must have at least 50 rep. In Islam SE, users who are new have good information which would be best suited as a comment but they do not have 50 rep and therefore comment on the ...
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How to ask for further clarification when I can’t comment [duplicate]

How to ask further clarification, or to point out that the answer shown, even if once correct, is not correct anymore? I can’t comment as I don’t have 50 reputation.
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Stack's 50+ credential rule is preventing open communication and turning away good answers. Why? [duplicate]

This is an all too common problem. I spent ~1hr debugging an answer an some SE site. Until I realized it was a simple typo. I had yet to make an account (usually just mooching off of other's answers ...
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How to comment on a question on another Stack Exchange site I newly joined? [duplicate]

I'm new to the area this question was posted in, and I don't have a "correct" answer to hand, but I want to get them a clue as to why the question is not perhaps the right rabbithole, and ...
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What's the canonical link for comments being "second-class citizens"? [duplicate]

Comments are often described as "second-class citizens" on Stack Exchange: Comments are purposely second-class citizens, but this seems like privileging them--protection for comments that should be ...
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How can I make a comment on another answer when I have less than 50 reputation [duplicate]

So, over at Best way to combine two or more byte arrays in C# there's an answer here that builds on one of the other answers to offer a "generic" c# method for concatenating arrays. That code ...
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Trying to ask more questions [duplicate]

When I am looking at a question, which I could possibly have a solution but I don't understand the question properly.I try to ask more questions but I am not able to comment as I don't have have 50 ...
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Why do I need at least 50 reputation to post a comment? [duplicate]

I just made an account, so I do not have any reputation yet. I know the answer on a question in a comment, I would like to post a comment to answer it, but I can't because I don't have enough ...
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Why aren't people voting for questions?

While at least some answers from every question seem to have been up-voted as a "helpful" answer: about 49% of questions have score of 0 or 1. another 21% of questions have a score of 2. Most ...

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