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How does a lurker gain reputation to receive privilege for commenting? [duplicate]

I have been reading Stack Exchange for years - mostly not logged in, and have never posted (this is my first). I'm simply not very talkative, and very good at googling. Recently a few occasions have ...
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Why does Stack Overflow prevent new users from commenting? [duplicate]

Recently, I was told: Welcome to Stack Overflow. You'll get the privilege to add comments when you get 50 reputation points. Until then, don't post comments as answers. That "answer" got ...
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Lower commenting threshold to 1 rep [duplicate]

I know it's like it is for some reason, but on Gaming we get a lot of new users that post comments as answers because they have 1 rep. Is it possible to lower the rep requirement for commenting to 1 ...
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Best way to obtain clarifying information when reputation doesn't allow comments? [duplicate]

Meta only requires a reputation of 1 in order to add comments to a question, however most other require 50 or more. As someone pretty new to using Stack Exchange, I find it frustrating because there ...
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What's the justification for the commenting reputation requirement? [duplicate]

You require a reputation of 50 to leave comments on others' questions/answers; the FAQ simply states this as a fact but does not explain it. I'm a new user and I have identified this as an issue very ...
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Commenting for new users [duplicate]

I'm a new user with insufficient points to comment. Although I try to answer questions, I notice that sometimes I don't understand the question very well and want to ask for more input. The problem is ...
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Why can't a new user comment on questions? [duplicate]

I'm new here and wanted to help someone on Stack Overflow. The fact is I have a low reputation because I'm new, so I can't comment on a user's question... yet. I tried to help someone but had to put ...
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Why am I not able to comment on my own posts? [duplicate]

I am getting started on the Blender Stack Exchange site and have asked a complicated question and am getting great answers. But I am told need 50 points to comment on answers. How do I deal with this?
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What to do when your question is marked as duplicate but you don't see how so? [duplicate]

I recently asked this question, and it was marked as duplicate by a lot of people (obviously a lot more learned than me). I don't realize how so? I tried all the methods I could understand, but I ...
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50 reputation rule for a comment prevents people from getting valuable information. What can I do? [duplicate]

I've often encountered the following situation: Someone posts a question, but the question can not be answered because: Some important information is missing. In this case, it would be very helpful ...
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Is the 50 reputation requirement for commenting on questions there to generate activity on the site? [duplicate]

It seems awfully convenient that to be able to ask a clarification or an update, one should have already answered a bunch of unrelated questions. Assuming one answers 10 or 20 questions first, how ...
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Can't comment yet, but can't answer without the ability to clarify [duplicate]

I want to answer a question, but I need clarification from the author first. But I don't have enough reputation yet to comment, I can only answer. So how can I answer if I can't get clarification? ...
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How to get further elaboration from someone who posted a good solution? [duplicate]

I just posted to request (as a low-rep user; not a high enough rep to comment) for a feature to ask a user on someone else's question, who posted a good solution, for further elaboration. My post was ...
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Why reputation needed for commenting but not for answers? [duplicate]

I feel this is little unnatural I appreciate allowing users to answer without any minimum reputation but why restricting them from commenting.By restricting them to comment with limiting reputation to ...
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How to comment previous answers in SO [duplicate]

I have comments on answers to some questions but I see no GUI affordance to make my own comments. However, I can reply to comments in my own answers. Any level required to comment?
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