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How does a lurker gain reputation to receive privilege for commenting? [duplicate]

I have been reading Stack Exchange for years - mostly not logged in, and have never posted (this is my first). I'm simply not very talkative, and very good at googling. Recently a few occasions have ...
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Why does Stack Overflow prevent new users from commenting? [duplicate]

Recently, I was told: Welcome to Stack Overflow. You'll get the privilege to add comments when you get 50 reputation points. Until then, don't post comments as answers. That "answer" got ...
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Lower commenting threshold to 1 rep [duplicate]

I know it's like it is for some reason, but on Gaming we get a lot of new users that post comments as answers because they have 1 rep. Is it possible to lower the rep requirement for commenting to 1 ...
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Best way to obtain clarifying information when reputation doesn't allow comments? [duplicate]

Meta only requires a reputation of 1 in order to add comments to a question, however most other require 50 or more. As someone pretty new to using Stack Exchange, I find it frustrating because there ...
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What's the justification for the commenting reputation requirement? [duplicate]

You require a reputation of 50 to leave comments on others' questions/answers; the FAQ simply states this as a fact but does not explain it. I'm a new user and I have identified this as an issue very ...
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Commenting for new users [duplicate]

I'm a new user with insufficient points to comment. Although I try to answer questions, I notice that sometimes I don't understand the question very well and want to ask for more input. The problem is ...
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Why can't a new user comment on questions? [duplicate]

I'm new here and wanted to help someone on Stack Overflow. The fact is I have a low reputation because I'm new, so I can't comment on a user's question... yet. I tried to help someone but had to put ...
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Why am I not able to comment on my own posts? [duplicate]

I am getting started on the Blender Stack Exchange site and have asked a complicated question and am getting great answers. But I am told need 50 points to comment on answers. How do I deal with this?
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What to do when your question is marked as duplicate but you don't see how so? [duplicate]

I recently asked this question, and it was marked as duplicate by a lot of people (obviously a lot more learned than me). I don't realize how so? I tried all the methods I could understand, but I ...
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50 reputation rule for a comment prevents people from getting valuable information. What can I do? [duplicate]

I've often encountered the following situation: Someone posts a question, but the question can not be answered because: Some important information is missing. In this case, it would be very helpful ...
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Is the 50 reputation requirement for commenting on questions there to generate activity on the site? [duplicate]

It seems awfully convenient that to be able to ask a clarification or an update, one should have already answered a bunch of unrelated questions. Assuming one answers 10 or 20 questions first, how ...
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Can't comment yet, but can't answer without the ability to clarify [duplicate]

I want to answer a question, but I need clarification from the author first. But I don't have enough reputation yet to comment, I can only answer. So how can I answer if I can't get clarification? ...
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How to get further elaboration from someone who posted a good solution? [duplicate]

I just posted to request (as a low-rep user; not a high enough rep to comment) for a feature to ask a user on someone else's question, who posted a good solution, for further elaboration. My post was ...
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Why reputation needed for commenting but not for answers? [duplicate]

I feel this is little unnatural I appreciate allowing users to answer without any minimum reputation but why restricting them from commenting.By restricting them to comment with limiting reputation to ...
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How to comment previous answers in SO [duplicate]

I have comments on answers to some questions but I see no GUI affordance to make my own comments. However, I can reply to comments in my own answers. Any level required to comment?
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Feature Request: Comments exist, but not for users with low rep [duplicate]

Edit Why my post is not a duplicate As commented, All I want is a feature to ask someone who posted a good answer to elaborate further. Because I can't do this, I don't have a solution when there's ...
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Why can't I comment until I get 50 reputation? [duplicate]

Why does Stack Overflow require a contributor to have 50 reputation points before allowing to comment? I wanted to answer a problem that many have in Visual Studio with performance but I can't add my ...
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Can't post feedback, but can post answers; or, how to address a problem with an existing answer? [duplicate]

I just created an SO account to offer some feedback to this answer to this question. Although I can apparently post a whole answer, or even edit others' answers (okay, it's moderated, but still), I ...
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Can I get commenting permission? [duplicate]

I know I don't have much rep on Super User, but I have on Ask Ubuntu. I found a post, Windows 10 Audio Headset Detection Issues. And I have some potential solutions for it. Can I get permission ...
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Unable to get clarification on Stackoverflow [duplicate]

I note in the "questions that may already have your answer" section that 22 others have asked similar questions i.e. why can't new members comment. I read many of them. I understand your ...
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Why can't I comment back when my question has been commented by others? [duplicate]

After asking a question in Earth Science using a guest account, I have signed up using the verification link in my mailbox. But now logging into the same mail, I cannot comment back on a comment asked ...
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Should all users be able to comment? [duplicate]

To comment, one must have at least 50 rep. In Islam SE, users who are new have good information which would be best suited as a comment but they do not have 50 rep and therefore comment on the ...
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How to ask for further clarification when I can’t comment [duplicate]

How to ask further clarification, or to point out that the answer shown, even if once correct, is not correct anymore? I can’t comment as I don’t have 50 reputation.
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Stack's 50+ credential rule is preventing open communication and turning away good answers. Why? [duplicate]

This is an all too common problem. I spent ~1hr debugging an answer an some SE site. Until I realized it was a simple typo. I had yet to make an account (usually just mooching off of other's answers ...
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How to comment on a question on another Stack Exchange site I newly joined? [duplicate]

I'm new to the area this question was posted in, and I don't have a "correct" answer to hand, but I want to get them a clue as to why the question is not perhaps the right rabbithole, and ...
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What's the canonical link for comments being "second-class citizens"? [duplicate]

Comments are often described as "second-class citizens" on Stack Exchange: Comments are purposely second-class citizens, but this seems like privileging them--protection for comments that should be ...
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How can I make a comment on another answer when I have less than 50 reputation [duplicate]

So, over at Best way to combine two or more byte arrays in C# there's an answer here that builds on one of the other answers to offer a "generic" c# method for concatenating arrays. That code ...
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Trying to ask more questions [duplicate]

When I am looking at a question, which I could possibly have a solution but I don't understand the question properly.I try to ask more questions but I am not able to comment as I don't have have 50 ...
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Why do I need at least 50 reputation to post a comment? [duplicate]

I just made an account, so I do not have any reputation yet. I know the answer on a question in a comment, I would like to post a comment to answer it, but I can't because I don't have enough ...
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Why aren't people voting for questions?

While at least some answers from every question seem to have been up-voted as a "helpful" answer: about 49% of questions have score of 0 or 1. another 21% of questions have a score of 2. Most ...
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Let's Plan the Second Iteration of the Stack Exchange Quality Project! [closed]

In case you missed the first one, check out the se-quality-project tag. The quality project isn't one that we plan to ever finish, it's perennial and kicks in every 18 months or so after we've had ...
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The Stack Exchange reputation system: What's working? What's not?

Update Thank you everyone for the feedback you have provided. At this time, we will work through the feedback we have received to help us determine where to take our research on reputation next. ...
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Brace yourselves: The GDPR is coming!

It's actually nothing to worry about. You as users end up with more protection, and companies like us are left in a place where we've got a framework for handling your information that puts much ...
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Custom question lists: finding questions you can answer

Update: Custom question lists is available for testing Once upon a time there was a feature called new navigation. Its goal was to help our most active users find the questions they can answer. "...
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Lower the amount of reputation needed to comment

This question is a great example of people coming from Google and using answers as comments. I understand the reputation threshold is there to prevent spam, but Answers are just as prone to spam as ...
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What is the association bonus, and how does it work?

I was just awarded +100 reputation on all of my Stack Exchange accounts. What is this bonus for? It simply says "Association Bonus" on my reputation overview. Also: What privileges does the ...
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Should "move-to-chat" be provided on demand (as a button perhaps)?

When comments get too chatty the move-to-chat feature asks if you'd like to move it out. But this often happens after the fact and thus doesn't prevent it. I propose that: Move-to-chat be provided ...
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Allow the <small> tag

Can the <small> HTML tag be allowed and properly styled? Currently people wanting to write something small use either sup or sub which achieves a similar effect, but using it for small text is: ...
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How do suggested edits work?

When clicking "edit" I see: Your edit will be placed in a queue until it is peer reviewed. We welcome edits that make the post easier to understand and more valuable for readers. Because ...
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The 2022 Community-a-thon has begun!

Our third Community-a-thon kicked off today. This is a three week event that will continue through November 8th. This is an event we hold for the staff at Stack Overflow. During the course of the ...
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Sustainability of new AI generated content policy

There is a user on Stack Overflow, who posted six answers within 12 (!) minutes: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. Those answers are quite clearly AI-generated: common style, extreme speed, extreme variety of ...
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Recent site instability, major outages – July/August 2022

On Friday, July 29th, starting at 13:36 UTC, we experienced a very large surge in traffic to our web servers, indicating a DDoS attack. This surge effectively brought down the Stack Exchange Network ...
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Allow Monica to have a structured conversation (à la mediation) with SE leadership

I read a recent comment by Monica Cellio that said perhaps an actual conversation between a person in authority and Monica would be a good first step. SE isn't taking my calls; I can't initiate that. ...
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Subscribing to questions and comments that don't belong to you

There has been some discussion about getting notified on comments to questions or answers that don't belong to you, and the long-standing wish to be able to keep track of new answers or developments ...
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As a regular user, what is my incentive to continue to contribute?

I'm a half active user who has been mildly contributing to SO and SE, and I have watched the recent conflict arise over the last few weeks. Frankly, it disgusts me. I'm not your top-of-the-bar high-...
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How do comments work?

Across the Stack Exchange network you may leave comments on a question or answer. How do comments work? What are comments for, and when shouldn't I comment? Who can post comments? Who can edit ...
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Should we downvote duplicates?

Should duplicates be downvoted as a punishment for not searching first, or is just closing enough?
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What is a meta for?

A guest at my house over the weekend stood puzzled next to my driveway. "What is that for?" she asked, pointing to a framework of 2x4s and hardware cloth perched on an old tire amid piles of ...
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How can one link / merge / combine / associate two accounts / users? (Anonymous / unregistered / cookie, or Google / Facebook / registered)

I accidentally posted a question without being logged in. Is there a way to associate that question with my account? Return to FAQ Index For more information, visit "I accidentally created two ...
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What is an acceptable answer?

I answered a question and my answer was: (pick one) Deleted Converted to a comment Added to my question as an edit Why was this? Why was my answer not acceptable? What is the definition of an ...

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