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Suggestion: should forward to or something with stackexchange in the name, and should very-very-clearly be branded as part of the SE family. I eventually ...
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Should Stack Exchanges sites with top-level domains have * redirects? [duplicate]

Should Stack Exchanges sites with top-level domains have * redirects? For example: ...
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If SE site exists, could redirect to it? [duplicate]

I wanted some feedback on Windows 10 upgrades (basically, whether a free upgrade from 7 to 10 is desirable), so I went to, which doesn't exist... so I went to what I should ...
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Would it be possible to add 301 redirects for Stack Exchange sites with unique domains? [duplicate]

I visit a lot of * sites, and usually I type the address manually. Every now and then, I'll type (for example), only to be met with the "Site not ...
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What should happen if you type one of the following URLs into your browser? http://...
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Make redirect to StackOverflow [duplicate]

While I admit that it is a bit goofy, but because StackOverflow is a StackExchange site, it seems like it would be reasonable to expect that would redirect to ...
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Why do some Stack Exchange sites have their own domain names?

I've found a strange thing: some Stack Exchange sites have their own domain names instead of https://[site name] The websites which have their own domain names are: Stack Overflow ...
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Allow cross-site queries in data explorer

I think it would be useful if we could join across databases in the data-explorer. For example, I'd like to query up a list of questions that I had a hand in migrating away from SO, and see what ...
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Downloading all my questions with the answerer names

I am writing several papers in which I use answers which I received in various StackExchange websites. Naturally I would like to acknowlege and thank the SE members that gave the useful answers. But ...
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Evaluating importance of the question

TLDR: Split up voting, and only give reputation when question is concluded (answer is accepted). Then award reputation based on activity after, by people who revisit the topic and vote. DISCLAIMER: ...
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