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Feedback request: New top bar and MultiCollider redesign

UPDATE 3 This is out on meta! New feedback post is here. UPDATE 2 We're going to try putting the hot network questions on the homepage - replacing recent tags and recent badges. Something like this (...
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What is the Goal of "Hot Network Questions"?

There has been a tug-of-war in the hot-questions list. Community members like JonW seem to be unhappy with the traffic that it brings to their site: 'But we want to encourage people to post, that's ...
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Filtering "hot" questions [duplicate]

Is there a way to filter the "hot questions" displayed in the Stack Exchange menu? I have a profile on Stack Overflow and that's pretty much it. Therefore the list as it is now is pretty ...
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What are the criteria for questions to be selected for Hot Network Questions?

I really like the new Stack Exchange home page, where certain questions from the Stack Exchange Network are presented, along with a hotness rating that is described as "arbitrary" in its ...
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Why are votes per post on the decrease (what can we do to improve this)?

I just wrote this totally nasty query on (same query including all community wiki questions). It is ... complicated but this is what it looks at: It splits up data in to 1 month chunks (2009 -...
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Don't let questions stick to the top of the hot questions list forever [duplicate]

I've noticed that some very highly upvoted questions stay in the list of hot questions (also displayed in the Stack Exchange menu on the top left) for a very long time, often for several days. One ...
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In “network hot” questions formula, discard answers when voting evidence indicates that these are not good data points

TL;DR When votes of 20... 30... 100 users clearly indicate that only one or two answers are popular, it does not make sense to pretend that other answers are popular too. In current version of “...
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At smaller sites, penalize hot questions having 3-4 close votes

At smaller sites (up to 50-100 questions a day average) closing a question takes hours or even days. As an example, this SO question has got 5 close votes in 15 minutes, while its twin at Software ...
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The Anatomy of a Hot Question

Here is the traffic since The Workplace was created: These are the three questions that caused those huge spikes in traffic: Is it rude to leave an interview early if you have already made your ...
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What changed in the Hot Questions sidebar algorithm?

I've recently noticed that the hot questions list is now different almost every time I look at it. It used to be static - I.e. I could browse around for half an hour and the items on it would be ...
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Add an audit log to record when particular question enters and leaves hot list [duplicate]

The Hot Network Questions page displays a constantly changing list of 100 questions, since it deals with time since recent activity. But are changes in this list ever recorded anywhere for posterity (...
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Twitter bots share posts with closevotes on them

Posts with close votes aren't supposed to be tweeted. The @StackWorkplace feed just shared the post Why not always feel confident enough to speak and share my views in workplace which had 3 ...
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