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Better HTTPS support for Stack Exchange sites [duplicate]

So it looks like Stack Exchange now supports HTTPS (to some extent). Which is awesome! But there are a few problems, the main one being that some content is delivered over the CDN, which is plain HTTP....
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Connection is not private when viewing per site meta over HTTPS [duplicate]

I discovered the problem on this thread: If time-travellers always arrive naked how and what would they trade? In the comments, another user posted a link to another part of the site. I followed the ...
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Ask Ubuntu is giving the wrong certificate [duplicate]

When I go to I get an error: When I click advanced it says: This server could not prove that it is; its security certificate is from This may ...
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Invalid SSL certificate on meta.*, can't log in without SSL [duplicate]

When I try to access meta.* via HTTPS, I get a warning: uses an invalid security certificate. The certificate is only valid for the following names: *...
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SSL cert continues to fail to cover second-level subdomains [duplicate]

If you try to log in from a meta site (meta.*, you get an "Untrusted Connection" from Firefox, even without HTTPS Everywhere enabled. For example, I just tried this on
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Can't reach after Chrome updated to v53 unless I manually remove the https part [duplicate]

I'm on Windows 10 64-bit version 1511 (OS Build 10585.545). Recently my Chrome updated to version 53.0.2785.89 m (64-bit) and since then I get this error when entering meta ELU.SE: NET::...
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Why are all "" sites HTTP-only? [duplicate]

Why are all sites HTTP-only? For example, supports HTTPS, but its meta site does not support ...
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HTTPS certificate error for meta redirect pages (meta.<site>

Visiting displays an HTTPS certificate error in Google Chrome and Internet Explorer 10. For reference, meta.<sitename> is the old URL ...
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470 views has an expired SSL certificate

The SSL certificate for StackExchange's Imgur image host seems to have expired today. Going to yields this page in Chrome: (posted on regular Imgur, for obvious reasons) ...
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Cannot log into Meta of the Mathematica subsite

Relates to: Despite all efforts, I seem not to be able to login to, even if already logged into mathematica....
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Broken links to per-site metas [closed]

Accessing per-site metas over HTTPS is officially unsupported and known to be broken (Accessing per-site metas gives 403 forbidden from cloudflare-nginx, Untrusted connection when visiting per-site ...
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Per-site metas broken when using HTTPS [duplicate]

I just noticed that trying to visit one of the per-site metas using HTTPS will (after confirming the security exception due to the limitations of SSL wildcard certificates) give a 403 error: Yes, I ...
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Bad SSL/TLS at Stack Exchange: Cloudflares SSL certificates and sometimes no HTTPS at all [duplicate]

Cloudflare Cloudflare has the options Universal/Flexible SSL, which basically allow websites to serve their website over HTTPS by using a certificate from Cloudflare. Besides the fact that ...
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