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Why did I lose the +(amount) green icon over my achievement page when I get reputation? [duplicate]

I used to get this: But lately, this hasn't been appearing for me. I know I have been gaining reputation, but It's not showing the green icon for it. I don't think I really clicked anything different,...
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Is REPUTATION box only for displaying positively gained reps. since your last visit? [duplicate]

Earlier today, I started a bounty (with 50 reps.) on my question "Show count of bounties earned or offered on Profile Page" and as per the rule it deducted 50 reps. from my total reputation ...
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Why are negative counts in the achievement dialog sometimes shown, but not always? [duplicate]

Close voters: Why do reputation drops not highlight the Achievements icon? does not address the question "When are negative counts in the achievement dialog supposed to be shown in the top row? ...
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Show reputation decreases on top bar? [duplicate]

Early today, I logged in to SE, and the top bar (trophy cup icon) showed a rep change of +27. When I pulled it down to see the details, it showed +20 in each of two stacks (three actions - two ...
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Why did I not see that I was downvoted in my achievements? [duplicate]

I logged on today, and saw nothing in my inbox or achievements bar, so I thought nothing happened. Upon looking on my profile just now, I saw that I was downvoted on a previous question. Why did this ...
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Vote down problem [duplicate]

Why StackExchange don't tell me which one of my question or answers vote down received simply up-vote? I only can see these vote down on my profile in reputation tab.
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Unable to see changes on reputation tab from downvotes [duplicate]

A little while ago, I lost a little bit of rep from downvotes. However, there was no -2 shown on my reputation tab, but when I clicked on the tab, I could see the changes. In other words, I had to ...
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Display lost/negative reputation in topbar achievements

When you get reputation, you get a +X green spot on your reputation feed telling you that you gained reputation and if you drop down the menu, you get more detail. How about we make it that when you ...
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Ignore the rep change caused by placing bounties in the achievements reputation indicator

This idea was inspired by New Rep indicator stops when having negative score. Quick summary of that post: OP placed a bounty, decreasing rep by 500. After that, new rep increases were not shown by the ...
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Please consider displaying reputation decreases in the Achievements trophy icon

UPDATE Overhauling my post here and voting to reopen, since the dupe has a status-declined, Recently, a dodgy equality operator started sending us notifications of negative reputation changes. I ...
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Always show rep lost when downvoting an answer in achievements badging

The "badging" I refer to in the title is the little enclosed number that shows how much rep you gained since you last opened the drop-down. Nothing to do with bronze/silver/gold "badges". In the ...
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Wrong association bonus point number shown while joining Space Exploration community [duplicate]

Recently I had joined to Space Exploration community. Though I have receive 100 association bonus point, wrong number was shown as notification.
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