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How can I go about getting a locked question unlocked? [duplicate]

Is there any possible way to unlock a locked question? Like, for example, say you seen an old question on Stack Exchange which is locked but they won't unlock it?
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Who can LOCK my forum post in stackoverflow [duplicate]

I want to ask "Who can LOCK my forum post in stackoverflow" Because I try to make my own forum. And I want to know best practices. If I should to give opportunity to user to lock his post when he has ...
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Reinforcing a Close Vote to Prevent Re-Opening? [duplicate]

It's well known on SO that some questions are essentially impossible to delete despite being a bad fit for the format, because of their sheer age or popularity. Essentially, they will become a part of ...
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No human activity allowed on a question [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: What is a “locked” post? I came across Jon Skeet Facts question, which is off the track, but I found it interesting. Just want to know, why can't I upvote or ...
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Why the answers are not locked, when any question is locked? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: What is a “locked” post? When any interesting Question or Post is Locked, one can't vote for it. But one can vote for It's answers. Then user gets following ...
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Is voting ever locked for questions/answers? [duplicate]

I just noticed I was able to vote on a question that was closed. I found that a bit strange. Is there any time when you can't vote on a question/answer? i.e. does it ever get locked also?
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How can locked posts be editable? [duplicate]

The locked post FAQ says locked posts cannot be edited, yet Graph visualization library in JavaScript can be edited (at least, the lock message says so, and I can open the edit dialogue).
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Why are locked posts immune to voting? [duplicate]

I understand that questions and answers are locked to prevent unnecessary comments or content changes. But why does the locked state also prevent votes from going through? Take this question and its ...
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What determines that which function should be disabled in a locked post? [duplicate]

In this locked post, it's only comments that have been disabled and other functions are still being accepted there (e.g. voting, answering, etc.) Which concrete factor is the reason for disability of ...
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What's a locked question? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: What is a “locked” post? Whats the difference between a locked question and closed question? (I'm using the SO API and this appears for each question)
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When does a question get "locked"? [duplicate]

I remember seeing that some questions are locked. Meaning they are not closed, but you can't add additional answers. When does this happens? Is it discussed here on meta, or is it left to moderators ...
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New post lock available on meta sites: Policy Lock

We have just released a new type of post lock on meta sites called the Policy Lock. This lock can only be used by our Community Team, and when applied to a question or answer it will prevent any edits ...
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Moderator Cheat Sheet

As an alternative to the other FAQ format being fleshed out here on Meta Stack Exchange, I'd like to propose something far more terse that covers the bare essential mechanics of being a moderator. ...
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How does deleting work? What can cause a post to be deleted, and what does that actually mean? What are the criteria for deletion?

What circumstances can cause a question or answer to be deleted, and what does that actually mean? How can a post be deleted? When can't I delete my own post? Can I still see my post even after it's ...
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What are the “spam” and “rude or abusive” (offensive) flags, and how do they work?

When flagging, there are two special case options: spam and rude or abusive. What is spam, and when should I flag content as such? What is considered offensive, rude or abusive content? How does the ...

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